I’m finally moved.

Let me just say “yay” for a moment.

I’ve had a lot more activity on my Tumblr blog, only because there’s a massive community on there that I reblog from.


I have my cable and internet turned on.

My office is (somewhat) set up.  I have the desk set up, my computer on it, and the cabling taken care of.  Desk lamp, printer, all that jazz… BUT, I still have to organize some stuff that I haven’t gotten to yet.

The TV stuff is set up.  My kitchen is set up.  My bedroom is set up.

It’s perfect.

I just need some artwork to put on the walls, and I’m thinking of buying some more canvases and painting them so I have something to hang.  Some stuff with color, and abstract.  But that’s a lot of work right now… maybe after things settle.  I can work on them over my week break for the holidays, maybe.

Pictures will be forthcoming once I get the office settled more and my artwork done.

Whoo-hoo!  I’ve waited for this for a long time.

Sherlock: A Study in Pink (Review)


I really like this series so far. It’s grabbed my attention, and I’m hooked (brought to us in the USA via Masterpiece Mystery).

Synopsis by Wikipedia (WARNING, SPOILERS!!):

John Watson, an ex-army doctor injured in the war in Afghanistan, meets Sherlock Holmes through a mutual friend. They become flatmates, sharing rooms at 221B Baker Street owned by landlady Mrs. Hudson.

There have been a strange series of deaths that Inspector Lestrade supposes to be serial suicides. Sherlock is consulted by Lestrade to look into the latest crime scene which is of a woman wearing an "alarming shade of pink". Sherlock deduces that the woman is an serial adulterer with an unhappy, decade long marriage. However, this victim, unlike others, left a note: she clawed the word "Rache" into the floor before dying. Sherlock quickly ignores the suggestion of the forensic expert, Anderson, that it’s the German word for revenge and settles on "Rachel", deeming that the victim died before finishing the scrawl.

Examining the woman’s clothing and accessories, Sherlock reveals that she’s from out of town, intending to stay over for one night which he deduces from splashes of mud on only one leg, thrown up by the wheel of the case. However Lestrade explains that no suitcase was found in the premises. Sherlock flies off, searching for the spot where the murderer might have ditched the case. It turns out that the murderer threw it into a nearby garbage container.

Meanwhile, John receives a call from a public phone. After the subsequent conversation, a black sedan arrives, taking John to an empty warehouse. There, he meets a man claiming to be Sherlock’s "arch-enemy" who proposes money in return of information about Sherlock’s activities, which John refuses. The man warns John to "choose a side" and walks off.

John finds Sherlock in 221B, where he asks John to send a text message to a number which he reveals to be the fourth victim’s. The two then go out for a dinner in a local Italian restaurant where it strikes Sherlock that the murderer must be someone who can stalk and approach people without raising suspicion on the streets of London. That instant, Sherlock perceives a cabbie across the street with a passenger. They give chase with Sherlock using his profound knowledge of London’s streets and alleys to run into the cab via various detours and backstreets. Eventually they catch up with the cab but the passenger turns out to be a newly arrived American; a perfect alibi.

Back at Baker Street, Sherlock and John find Scotland Yard executing a drug bust, in retaliation for the fact that Sherlock withheld evidence by chasing after the suitcase himself. In a chain of deductions, he reasons that the last victim planted her mobile phone on the murderer and clawed her mail address password upon the floor, allowing the investigators to trace the GPS signal. John sees that the signal is coming from 221B at which point Mrs. Hudson tells him that there’s a cabbie waiting for him downstairs. Sherlock, in a moment of epiphany, realizes the plot. It was the cabbie approaching people without suspicion and taking them to irrelevant locations where they’re found dead.

Sherlock leaves his apartment, facing off the cabbie who confesses his doings, but also proclaims that he doesn’t kill – instead, he speaks to his victims and they kill themselves. He challenges Sherlock to solve his puzzle instead of arresting him then and there. They drive around London and finally arrive at a school building. There, the cabbie pulls out a gun and two bottles he claims contain one harmless pill and one poisonous pill. Sherlock and the cabbie have a dialogue about motives and consequences after which Sherlock reads that the cabbie is dying. The murderer confesses that he has an aneurysm. To secure his children’s future, he kills people and is paid by a "sponsor" to do so; his ‘victims’ can either take a 50/50 chance at picking the right pill and surviving or get shot by the gun. Refusing to play the pill game and calling off the cabbie’s gun bluff (which in reality is a novelty cigarette lighter), Sherlock walks off, but he’s challenged once again to choose a pill to see if he’d got it right.

Meanwhile, John has traced the GPS signal from the victim’s phone and followed Sherlock. He perceives him to be in danger when he spots him across the building where he is about to take one of the pills. The cabbie is shot by a bullet piercing through a nearby window. He lies there fatally wounded as Sherlock questions him, first about whether he got the pill game right, then, realising it’s not important, about his sponsor. Upon his reluctance to tell, Sherlock stomps on the cabbie’s bullet wound and manages to get a name: "Moriarty".

Outside, Scotland Yard has surrounded the perimeter and Sherlock is treated for shock. Lestrade questions Sherlock about the shooter and he starts to make some deductions before realizing it must be John. Sherlock feigns shock to cover for John and tells Lestrade to ignore everything he has just said. Sherlock and John leave the scene but run into the man who abducted John earlier in the episode, who turns out to be Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock’s elder brother, with whom he has a grudge. After a brief conversation, Sherlock and John return to Baker Street, and Mycroft instructs his secretary to increase their surveillance status.

According to the Wikipedia article, it’s loosely based on "A Study in Scarlet" but I don’t see a huge connection. I like how this refresh is taking new cases and using the actors to portray Holmes and Watson true to the canon.

There are some serious deviations from the canon in that Sherlock uses nicotine patches for his main habit ("It’s a three-patch problem.") and there seems to be a reference to an earlier drug habit when the cabbie challenges Sherlock to his puzzle.

I love the way Cumberbatch portrays Sherlock, and while Martin Freeman has no mustache, his portrayal of Watson is spot on. The writers have gone back to the canon and have tried to take the characters and put them into a modern-day setting without ruining the premise.

Sherlock is as anti-social as ever (even more so than Brett’s version), preferring to text instead of meeting face-to-face or calling someone. The series writers haven’t made him up as sexual (like they did in Sherlock: Case of Evil) and they haven’t made him steampunk (like the the 2009 Sherlock Holmes film). They also don’t seem to be focusing on Sherlock’s "dark moods" like they did in the Jeremy Brett Granada series (which I enjoyed immensely). Maybe the next episode will focus more on Sherlock’s dark moods. I liked that depth to Brett’s Holmes; though I think that’s one of the things that contributed to his early death.

Like I said in my opening, I’m hooked. This is a great "re-hash" of the original canon, and the writers are keeping true to Holmes’ and Watson’s personalities. If you have a chance to watch, I highly recommend it. Stars: 5/5.

Podcasts and Podcast Software

I listen to a bunch of podcasts; thirty-two to be exact.

You can find them here if you want to see a whole list.

Some update more frequently than others, and you’ll see my notes on status.net related to what I’m listening to through the !Listening group on identi.ca.

You’ll notice if you go to the gpodder.org link above, that I listen to a lot of tech podcasts (GeekSpeak, LinuxOutlaws, Ubuntu Podcast, Diggnation, Linux Journal, LoCoCast), music podcasts (Canada Live, Liverpool Acoustic Spotlight, All Songs Considered, World Cafe Words and Music, World Cafe Next, The Clockwork Caberet, Rathole Radio, Triple J TV, TheCerebralRift, All Songs Considered Live Concerts, Hype Machine), humor (Car Talk, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, Vinyl Cafe, Life as a Comic, Dilbert, The Gloomers), science (Discovery Channel, TedTalks), gaming (Good Game, Good Game SP), and a general TV show (East of Everything).

I love podcasts because I can listen to shows when I want and how I want (on the computer or on my mobile device/mp3 player) and I can listen to shows from other countries (like the Canadian shows, the Australian shows, and shows from the UK). It’s a great way to get information that regular radio doesn’t cover. I listen to NPR a lot, but my local station doesn’t play GeekSpeak or have much in the way of computer shows. I get my "fix" through these podcasts.

Now on to software…

  • iTunes: Available for Mac and Windows, but seems to be a memory hog on Windows. I don’t use this software, as I prefer different podcast catchers, and I run Ubuntu.
  • Rhythmbox: Gnome’s kitchen-sink media player. I’ve used it for podcasts, but things get all mixed up in my regular music. I just use it for my music.
  • Amarok: I don’t use this personally. It’s KDE’s kitchen-sink medial player. I know there are peole who use Amarok for podcasting, but I’m not sure how well it works.
  • Mirro: I used Miro for a very long time, and loved it. It’s like a podcast catcher/listener/watcher and browser, as it has the ability to find podcasts you’re interested in, especially if you have a Miro account. You can rate podcasts, and you can also use Miro as a bittorrent catcher. It’s almost like an all-in-one computer-based TV solution. Great project.
  • gPodder: A great podcast catcher. This program works with the my.gpodder.org website and allows you to share what podcasts you’re listening to.

I use gPodder now as my main podcast catcher. I still have Miro, but I really like gPodder and how it stays out of my way.

Do check out what I’m listening to and post what you listen to in the comments. Podcast sharing is the best way to discover new ones.

Traditional Media

Traditional media is the combination of radio, newspapers and television.

They have all seen a decrease in users recently because of the internet (and the lagging economy), but newspapers especially have seen decreases.  I’ll address them each separately.


Newspapers are some of the easiest news sources around.  What other news source is completely portable and doesn’t use electricity?  Other than a town crier, I don’t see any.

Newspapers have seen a decrease in readership because of the rise in internet connectivity.  People don’t see a reason to pay for news they can get on the internet.  I’m one of them, I readily admit, but I do see the value in having a newspaper.  There’s something about being able to hold the paper in your hands and mark something you want to read later.

But, newspapers haven’t “kept up with the times” so to speak.  Readership has decreased, prices have increased (I cite the Saginaw News as an example; prices have risen to $0.75 a daily issue from $0.35 when I was a kid, and the content has dropped) and content has decreased as well.  Many young people don’t see the need to subscribe to a newspaper when they can get the same (and more) news from the internet.  They can run an RSS reader and have their news delivered to them on the computer, without even going to the sites to get their news.

I think that newspapers have to start using the internet to supplement their print edition.  This does not include charging for RSS feeds or charging for access to a news site.  In my opinion, if the newspaper would have — here’s the key — ORIGINAL content and news, people would be willing to pay for it.

Much like my This is True email newsletter.  I pay for this email newsletter (about $24 a year) and content is delivered to my email-box once a week.  There’s a free version, but the paid version has more stories in it, has more commentary, and also has some other perks.  I enjoy it.

If newspaper sites did something like this, they would be able to make money as well as deliver news to people who are willing to read it.


Radio is convenient.  It’s available in most all markets, free, informative (usually) and entertaining.

Well, all of that is changing.  I don’t find commercial radio informative or entertaining (one out of three ain’t bad, right?).  The commercial radio is awful; filled with commercials, no news (if there is news it’s either non-news or partisan bullshit [left AND right]), and no new music.  I haven’t heard anything “new” on the radio since the mid-eighties.  The mid-eighties was about the time Clear Channel started buying up radio stations and formatting them to certain markets (country, oldies, pop, etc).

This has created a rather “boring” radio dial (at least where I’m located, in mid-Michigan).

I make the exception for Public Radio.  I listen to NPR/PRI almost exclusively, and find it informative, interesting, and fun.  NPR/PRI makes no bones about their syndicated shows and airs them at regular times (unlike some of the CC stations which masquarade as “live n local”).

For new music, I love World Cafe with David Dye, Jazz Set with Dee Dee Bridgewater, The Thistle and Shamrock, and Riverwalk Jazz.

I like the news in the morning with Morning Edition and Weekend Edition (a little leftist slant, but nothing to be worried about),

i like the humor of A Prarie Home Companion.


My television view will be a little skewed since I don’t pay for it, and only have braodcast TV (over the air digital).

CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX and PBS are the major stations we get on our rabbit ears.  The other stations (My5, CW, Worldview, Create, PBS Kids) are all on the digital feed.

Most of the programming is decent.  I’m a fan of police dramas, medical mysteries, and the like.  These are the shows that seem to be in vogue for the time being, so I’m a happy camper.  :)

Still, many people (especially young people) are using the internet to watch their TV.  From youtube to hulu to netflix, there are many choices for television.  I’m not even counting cable or satelitte options.


There are reasons why traditional media can’t become part of the new media.  If newspapers, radio and televiosn would expand into the internet (many stations have already) they would expand to a larger and more diverse reading, listening, and viewing audience.

Just a little rant for the weekend.  This bit of thought has been rolling around in my brain for awhile.  I’m not sure if it’s all true, but it’s all my opinion.

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I got “Noir” for my birthday (thanks elebrin!!) and just started watching it again.  I watched it before on my brother’s Netflix subscription when I was home for three months (I was done with school and couldn’t work at my co-op job).  I watched a lot of anime then.

Anyway, This is one of the first animes I watched (go Miriam and gaming friends!).  I think it’s one of the best I’ve seen.  I love the storyline, the characters are solid and the animation is just awesome.  Oh, and the music!  The music is incredible!  I love the way the music works with all of the scenes and adds suspense or another feeling.  Some movies/shows try it and it doesn’t work.  It works well here.  And in some places, there isn’t any music or talking whatsoever.  The silence speaks volumes.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to watching more of it.  Like I said, I saw it before, but I really like this storyline, and I want to watch it again.

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Fanfic: Lynley and Havers

I’m working on a fanfic that came out of a conversation that I had with Wolfie.  She said that she wanted to write a fic about Lynley and Havers on a date.  A blind date.

I’ve decided to try a variation on this, with Winston setting the two up.  I’m not sure how this will turn out; I have a couple pages done so far.  It has the potential to turn into a smut-fic.  Hard to not turn it into a smut-fic… Those two lend themselves very well to it.

*sigh*  I’m probably awful for having these two jump into bed all the time.  Wishful thinking, perhaps?

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ILM Fic: “Crying Time”

Title: Crying Time
Author: gamerchick02
Disclaimer: I didn’t make any money off of the writing of this fic. BBC and E. George own “The Inspector Lynley Mysteries”.
Rating: T. Alcohol use.
Spoilers: End of series 5.
Summary: Lynley comes home and tries to deal with his sadness. Song is “Cryin’ Time” by Buck Owens. Song-fic.

Read on…

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ILM Fic: Anger and Hostility

Title: Anger and Hostility
Author: gamerchick02
Disclaimer: I didn’t make any money off of the writing of this fic. BBC and E. George own “The Inspector Lynley Mysteries”.
Rating: M. Yep, another smut-fic.
Spoilers: None, really. This is just from my imagination…
Summary: Havers gets angry with Lynley; sex happens, and they almost get found out.
Notes: Not for the kiddies. Assumes L/H ongoing relationship… Non-canon.

Read more here

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CSI GSR Fic: “Missing You”

Ok. I have two parts to this fic up.

The whole story’s title is “Missing You” and it’s posted on Fanfiction.net.

First part:

Title: Letters
Author: gamerchick02
Show: CSI
Pairing: GSR (Gil/Sara)
Genre: Angst
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I don’t own them. If I did, Sara would never have left.
Summary: Grissom gets letters and responds to them.
Spoilers: Everything that’s aired so far, but mostly Goodbye and Good Luck.
Notes: From Grissom’s POV. Part one of two.

Second part:

Title: The Visit
Author: gamerchick02
Show: CSI
Pairing: GSR (Gil/Sara), shades of Catherine/Keppler and Warrick/Catherine
Genre: Angst
Rating: R; language, adult themes.
Disclaimer: I don’t own them. If I did, Sara would never have left. CBS owns CSI.
Summary: Grissom teaches at UC Berkley and sees Sara.
Spoilers: Everything that’s aired so far, but mostly Goodbye and Good Luck.
Notes: From Grissom’s POV. Sequel to “Letters”; please read that one before this one. This one will make more sense. WIP.

CSI GSR Fic: Letters

Title: Letters
Author: gamerchick02
Show: CSI
Pairing: GSR (Gil/Sara)
Genre: Angst
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I don’t own them. If I did, Sara would never have left.
Summary: Grissom gets letters and responds to them.
Spoilers: Everything that’s aired so far, but mostly Goodbye and Good Luck.
Notes: From Grissom’s POV. Done for now. I’m working on a second part.


Enjoy. This is angsty.

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CSI GSR Fic: I Love You

Title: I Love You
Author: gamerchick02
Show: CSI
Pairing: GSR (Gil/Sara)
Genre: Angst
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I don’t own them. If I did, last night’s ep wouldn’t have ever happened.
Summary: What Grissom was thinking after he received the note.
Spoilers: Goodbye and Good Luck (8×07)
Notes: I HAD to get this out. I’ve been thinking about it since the ep was over. Goodbye, Sara.

I Love You

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deviantArt Account, CSI News and Fanfic News

I upgraded my deviantArt account. Squee!

Now I have CSS with my journals… which I keep to be fanfic and art related. I post everything of meat-and-potatos over here on livejournal. *grin*


CSI/Without a Trace crossover tonight! Squee! Must… watch… *grin*


My fanfic is moving along. I don’t have anything new to post, but I’ve been working on some new ideas. Let’s hope I can get this done soon. Heh. I love it though.

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I’ll Love You, No Matter What

Title: I’ll Love You, No Matter What
Author: gamerchick02
Disclaimer: I don’t own them, I just borrow them for fun.
Rating: T.
Pairings: Jack/Samantha (I’m assuming they’re together.)
Spoilers: Most recently aired ep, and preview for next week’s ep.
Summary: The pregnancy test said “positive”.
Notes: Post ep/preview for what happens next. This is SHORT, 287 words. Kind of like a triple-drabble, but I’m just speculating what happens after Sam says “I’m pregnant…” in the preview spot.

I’ll Love You, No Matter What

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ILM Fanfics!

Ok.  If anyone’s noticed, I’ve been writing two ILM fanfics.  One is from Havers’ POV and the other is from Lynley’s POV.

Warning, they’re both rated M.  Yes, that’s M for Mature.  As in NC-17, as in no kids allowed.  It’s a smut-fic.  As such, if you don’t like that sort of thing, don’t read it!  I’ve mentioned it in each post, as well as here.  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

Anyway, on to the fanfiction:

Havers’ POV
Lynley’s POV

Enjoy. Feedback is welcome, if you want to.