I’ve admitted it.

I’m golfing tomorrow.  The most white/corporate/yuppie thing.  Golf.

Anyway, I’m gonna suck it up. I’m on a team of four… three guys.  GUYS.  They couldn’t have put a team together of chicks?  Oh well.

I’m gonna wear my red polo tomorrow.  Maybe get some good Tiger Woods karma going on.  Heh.  You never know… I might be good.

Oh well.  I’ll blog more after I get done with the golf tomorrow.

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‘Nother Update

Been busy (as usual…). Here’s a quick update on what’s been up.


I mucked up my computer. Well, not all of my computer, just the Ubuntu side of it. I was having some issues with Firefox and some other stuff, so I deleted some stuff. Well, it was the wrong stuff, so I had to reinstall Ubuntu. Not too hard… About 15 minutes of waiting for it to install (After picking the partitions… that part made my palms sweat, seeing that I didn’t do a backup. I didn’t want to pay the stupid tax.) and about 3 days of waiting for the updates to install. I’m still waiting for them, as I type.

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