Ubuntu 13.04 New Screenshot

Screenshot from 2013-08-07 18:11:40


New screenshot of my Ubuntu desktop!

Yes, I roll with the pokemon.  That’s Squirtle from Pokemon Red/Blue.  Yes, I’m an old-schooler.  I got the wallpaper from here, and you can download all 493 pokemon wallpapers in one massive .RAR file.  They work great on your phone as well, so get them and save them.  You never know when you need some Pokemon on your phone or computer.

Anyway, I’ve got the following running: Chrome, Pidgin, Birdie (Twitter app), Dropbox, and Banshee.  You can see that I like multiple desktops by my icon under the terminal icon there; I like to keep my stuff minimal and I LOVE a clean desktop.

Also, I’ve set my panel to 0.33 opacity with Ubuntu Tweak so my wallpaper shows through a bit.  I love that app; it lets me do little things to the interface so I get it just the way I want it.  I don’t deviate much from the standard, but I like to have a couple little tweaks (the opacity is one of them; lends a little more fanciness to the interface) here and there.