ILM Fanfic: After the Arrest

Title: After the Arrest
Author: gamerchick02
Fandom: Inspector Lynley Mysteries
Pairing: Lynley/Havers
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Angst
Spoilers: None, except for the ending of “Limbo”.
Word count: 1787
Disclaimer: I don’t own them. No I don’t. If I did, Lynley would have kissed Havers a long time ago, and the series wouldn’t be done.
Summary: Do you fancy a drink? (This is a “finish” to the Limbo episode. The ending wasn’t bad, it just didn’t finish the episode very well.)

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Fanfic: Lynley and Havers

I’m working on a fanfic that came out of a conversation that I had with Wolfie.  She said that she wanted to write a fic about Lynley and Havers on a date.  A blind date.

I’ve decided to try a variation on this, with Winston setting the two up.  I’m not sure how this will turn out; I have a couple pages done so far.  It has the potential to turn into a smut-fic.  Hard to not turn it into a smut-fic… Those two lend themselves very well to it.

*sigh*  I’m probably awful for having these two jump into bed all the time.  Wishful thinking, perhaps?

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ILM Fic: “Crying Time”

Title: Crying Time
Author: gamerchick02
Disclaimer: I didn’t make any money off of the writing of this fic. BBC and E. George own “The Inspector Lynley Mysteries”.
Rating: T. Alcohol use.
Spoilers: End of series 5.
Summary: Lynley comes home and tries to deal with his sadness. Song is “Cryin’ Time” by Buck Owens. Song-fic.

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ILM Fic: Anger and Hostility

Title: Anger and Hostility
Author: gamerchick02
Disclaimer: I didn’t make any money off of the writing of this fic. BBC and E. George own “The Inspector Lynley Mysteries”.
Rating: M. Yep, another smut-fic.
Spoilers: None, really. This is just from my imagination…
Summary: Havers gets angry with Lynley; sex happens, and they almost get found out.
Notes: Not for the kiddies. Assumes L/H ongoing relationship… Non-canon.

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ILM Fanfics!

Ok.  If anyone’s noticed, I’ve been writing two ILM fanfics.  One is from Havers’ POV and the other is from Lynley’s POV.

Warning, they’re both rated M.  Yes, that’s M for Mature.  As in NC-17, as in no kids allowed.  It’s a smut-fic.  As such, if you don’t like that sort of thing, don’t read it!  I’ve mentioned it in each post, as well as here.  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

Anyway, on to the fanfiction:

Havers’ POV
Lynley’s POV

Enjoy. Feedback is welcome, if you want to.

ILM Fanfic: The Case

Title: The Case
Author: gamerchick02
Disclaimer: I don’t own them; E. George and BBC do. (CBS owns Criminal Minds…)
Rating: R. Mentions sex, gambling, and alcohol use.
Pairings: Lynley and Havers (L/H). I’ve also grabbed Dr. Reid, Agent Hotchner and Agent Prentiss from Criminal Minds. Hope you don’t mind…
Spoilers: The most recent aired eps in the States (and I guess, the world…).  If you are unspoiled for the current season of Criminal Minds, this won’t spoil you.
Summary: The case moves on; the relationship moves on.
Notes: Read “Waking Up” to understand this one. WIP!! This is what I have so far. Also posted on my dA page.

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