How One Teacher Built a Computer Lab for Free: iFixit

How One Teacher Built a Computer Lab for Free iFixit.

The problem? An underfunded school needed computers for the classroom. Budget? $0. Staff involved? Just one: Robert Litt, a sixth-grade teacher.

Robert teaches at ASCEND, a small arts K-8 school in the Alameda County School District. He’s a fan of technology and believes that it’s an important part of K-12 education. Yet ASCEND had no computer lab and no computers in classrooms. So in 2007, Robert acquired 18 donated computers. But these computers were less help than he’d anticipated. The operating systems were slow. Some computers had viruses or malware. Students became frustrated.

Brilliant.  I would really like to see this happen more often in public school systems; so many times they’re stuck in the Windows or Apple money spiral that they can’t get out.

I’m not opposed to paying for software, but many schools aren’t in the position to pay for a lot of software or operating systems to run that software.

Glad to see Ubuntu being put to good use on donated school computers.  Fewer viruses, less malware, and a decent experience for the students.  And they can learn something about an alternative to Windows and Apple.