Records and Music

I got a record player for my birthday. It’s not a huge system, just something to listen to records on and transfer them to my computer if I want to. A Crosley.


It’s not perfect and it’s not huge and it has mixed reviews, but it allows me to wander the aisles at the 2nd and Charles near my apartment and not be limited to what media I can pick up and listen to (CDs and records instead of just CDs).

I found Carole King’s Tapestry, Nat King Cole’s L-O-V-E, and The Monkees self-titled album. These are three albums that I’ve always wanted but could never find in CD form.

I got them home last week Wednesday and the first one I put on was Tapestry. Now, I love Carole King and James Taylor, but I’ve not heard a ton of her own work; I’ve mostly heard it through James’ voice or her King-Goffin hits sung by others. I sat on the floor and listened to the whole thing through, and then since I was interrupted, I played the second side a second time.

Wow. Just a great album. The sound would be better with a better speaker, but hey, I live in an apartment, so I don’t need powerful speakers. The small one on the player gets the sound across. Anyway, if I want it louder, I can hook up a pair of headphones to the jack on the front.

That night, I also listened to L-O-V-E. I love Nat King Cole’s work and this is one of his most famous records, so I knew I needed to listen to it. And listen I did! The arrangement is a bit faster than I remember from what I’ve heard before, but I like it. It sounds beautiful.

I listened to The Monkees self-titled the following night and it was super fun.

The other thing I love about records are the covers. They’re huge and they’re art!

I like this format and will be listening to it for a long time coming, I think.


Fix catalyst driver in Ubuntu 13.04

This is great and I want to be able to fix my Ubuntu ATI drivers after the kernel updates again.


1. Introduction

I found lots of people struggling to get catalyst driver work in Ubuntu. This issue has been persistent for some laptops, ever since Ubuntu 13.04 came out, specially for Intel, AMD dual graphics setup. For people, who have been looking at catalyst drivers since post was published, should not be that hard to find the solution, but for those who are new to Linux, or don’t have time for these kinds of issues, this might be a show stopper bug.

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Golduck Mac


Finally updated the wallpaper on my Macbook Air.  This is Psyduck!  He was great to confuse an enemy then deal a wallop, switch out to another Pokemon and then finish them off!

Again, you can refer to my other Pokemon themed posts recently to get the wallpapers.  I love these, and I need to transfer them to my work computer so I can have Pokemon there too.

EDIT: it was pointed out in the comments that this is Golduck.  I must have been tired when I posted this because wow.  Changing the title too to reflect it.

Finding a Google Reader Substitute

I really want to like The Old Reader, but till they get a mobile app for Android, I’ll have to stick with Feedly. :(

The Well-Appointed Desk

Google Reader screenshot

After whining and moaning and crying a little, I went ahead and tried just about every Google Reader substitute I could find. While there is no perfect solution yet that bridges across mobile and web options that all syncs together, I have found my temporary workaround. I do most of my RSS reading on my computer these days so I needed to solve for that first and I’ve found The Old Reader to be the most Google-Reader-esque experience. It did take about a week for my content to be uploaded to their site as they were flooded with new users after the Google announcement but it was kind of worth the wait.

the Old Reader Screenshot

Its currently only available in a web browser version but I can access the content on any machine with a web browser so its a decent solution at the present. I did like that so many other apps…

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Wow, an amazing picture. The big three made some awesome cars in the 50s. I hope they make more.

The Woodward Spine

By Jeffrey Buck

The automobile has evolved over time. Materials, size and badging have all changed over the years to accommodate changes in lifestyle and cost. The curves and lines of this 1956 Cadillac have long since been replaced with more aerodynamic designs and will again change as new technology is discovered and created.

Take a look at the photograph entitled “Elderado: 1955“:

A 1956 Cadillac Eldorado Seville photographed in 1955. From a series of 8×10 glossies with an ink stamp on the back reading “Styling Department, Ford Motor Company, Dearborn Mich.” Keeping an eye on the competition.

Image | Source

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Laptops in the College Classroom and Creating an Environment Conducive to Learning – Kelli Marshall

Laptops in the College Classroom and Creating an Environment Conducive to Learning

This is very interesting.  I come from a time where laptops were not prolific in the classroom (matter of fact, they were really rare) and most students did not have a laptop, but a desktop.  There were no tablets.  Cell phones weren’t the multifunction units we have today.  For the most part, students used engineering paper and pens/pencils to take their notes.  I do know many students transcribed their notes at home onto the computer but I had no need as I tried to stay organized with them and put them all into a ring binder.  Ahem.

A strict policy regarding technology (except maybe in a coding class) would be a good idea.  I know I would get distracted if a student in front of me was playing on their laptop instead of paying attention to the lecture.

I come from a different background (Kettering students tend to be… very driven in regards to their studies… not that other schools’ students aren’t, but it just seemed that KU students had a stronger drive for some reason), so I’m probably biased in my observations.

I can see how a student could leverage technology to improve their grades through note-taking and dropbox and working through examples in class (I’m thinking something like Matlab, programming, or a CAD-style class).  It would have been nice to have a Macbook on which I could have done my work and had a sweet dock/monitor setup and an iPad that could hold some of my books and other materials for reading.  It would have reduced my load of what I was carrying, but I think I still would have carried paper and pens and pencils because I find in many cases that taking notes on paper is so much better and easier than taking notes on a laptop.  I never got used to typing notes as they happen and I prefer to use a pen or pencil and engineering paper.

I wholeheartedly agree with you, Kelli, about your laptop/tech ban in class.  I hope it will increase class interest and participation.  I don’t have any experience on the other side of the podium, but I do have experience from being a student, and I feel that students with traditional notes materials seem to be more engaged.  I know I was.