Android App Series: My Data Manager

I installed My Data Manager on my old phone so that I could monitor how much data my Spotify/Pandora streaming was using.  I’ve since installed it on my new phone, and I love it.

I love the “Ongoing” section of my pull down bar on Ice Cream Sandwich.  I can swipe down from the top of my phone and see what is going on.

Anyway, this little beauty of an app monitors how much data you’re downloading.  You can set it up to track for your billing period and see how much data you’re actually using.  This is useful if you know you have a cap or a threshold where your carrier will start throttling your speed (mine does; 2.5 gb).  I’ve never gotten anywhere near the cap, and I think I could lower my “unlimited” data to 1.5 gb and I’d be fine.  This is with doing updates, streaming, gaming, and anything else I’d do (reading news too).  I tend to do as much as I can on my home wifi so I don’t use up my phone data.  Which makes sense.

Oh, this app also shows how much “data” you’ve used on wifi.  This is handy too.  I like to know how much my phone is pulling down, but I don’t really care when it’s on my home wifi.  Go to town, phone!  When I tell it to throttle back is when I’m on 3g.  I have plenty of data, but I don’t want to get to the end of my billing cycle and find out that I’m throttled to unusable speeds.

Anyway, this is a great tracking app to see what is using data and when.  It’s also great to track how much data you are using; this potentially could save some people some money as they could reduce the amount of data they’re paying for and use their home wifi network to do all updates and file transfers.

I really like it and I would totally recommend it to anyone who has a carrier who has a cap or throttles their speed when they get to the soft cap.