Android App Series: Feedly

I love RSS.

And because of that love of RSS I was extremely sad when I saw the announcement that Google Reader was shutting down, but that’s neither here nor there as I don’t control Google and have no say in what they keep or get rid of in regards to webapps.

Anyway, I was using Feedly to sync my RSS feeds from Google Reader to my tablet and phone.  Now I’m pretty much using Feedly as my go-to app on all of my operating systems (Win7, Ubuntu, Mac, Android) to keep my RSS feeds in sync.

I really like this app.  It’s got an intuitive interface and is easy to navigate around in.  I imported all of my RSS feeds from Google, allowed it to sync over my home wifi for both my phone and my tablet, and ta-da, I had more stuff to read!

How about a screenshot of the web/browser interface?

Screenshot from 2013-04-06 17:54:35

Pretty clean and easy to figure out.  This is my start page which is the magazine “all” view.



This is my “funneh” category (hee, category!) that has all my LOLcats and whatnot in it.  Again, very clean and easy to figure out.  I like this because there’s a quick menu in the story view and I can easily share to twitter or pocket or facebook immediately with no hassle.


The phone interface is pretty much exactly the same except smaller.

Anyway, this is a great app if you want to read news on your smartphone or tablet.  One note, however: it doesn’t download the articles from the web for reading later; you will have to have a connection via wifi or 3g/4g in order to read articles.  If you want something that downloads your articles, look into Currents.

Great app, easy to use, and pretty fast; I’ve never had Feedly crash on me.

Unfortunately, if The Old Reader comes out with an android app soon, I will probably be switching over to it because the web interface is easier than Feedly for browser-based reading.