WebAPP: HabitRPG

I’m no stranger to task apps and todo apps and tracking apps.  I’ve tried a bunch.

And I’m trying another one: HabitRPG.

This takes all the crap you have to do in a day and turns it into a game.  It allows you to define Habits, Dailies, ToDos, and Rewards.

Let’s take a look at my HabitRPG screen:

Screenshot from 2013-04-06 12:48:31My “Habits” section contains the things I want to improve upon.  I have five:

  • Take the stairs
  • Park further out at work.
  • Eat veggies and fruit (I try, dangit but I still need to improve.)
  • Write new receipts in checkbook ledger.
  • Floss (Again, I try so hard but this is something I want to do better at.)

From what I can gather, “Habits” is the section where you can define things you want to do better at and then track how you’re doing, sort of like the “don’t break the chain” method of productivity or whatever.

Next we have the “Dailies” section.  If you’re familiar with WoW, “dailies” are something you can do every day to get a reward (experience, rep with a faction, etc) and you kind of want to do them as much as possible so you can increase your skills or reputation with a certain faction.  I’ve added the following to mine:

  • Make bed (I usually do this but sometimes I need a reminder; whoops.)
  • Read anything non-web for 30 minutes (again, I read a lot but most of it is on the web.  I hope to get through my magazines and books on my tablet this way.)
  • 15 minute Band workout (I’m trying to get more exercise.  Also, 15 minutes is a good span of time.)
  • Call Mom (a reminder for Wednesdays so I don’t actually forget.)

I didn’t want too many dailies because I’d end up just doing chores when I got home from work and things wouldn’t be flexible.  I need to make sure I actually DO this stuff and not let it languish.

Next is the “ToDo” section and holy cow is it long for me.  I’m not going to type everything out, but suffice it to say, it includes some of the stuff up on my board as well as blog posts I want to write.  I think these are things that have no time limit on them, and I think they give more EXP and coins when you complete them, especially if you bump them up to “hard”.  I’ve done this on a couple of the items since I’m not sure how much time they will take.  If it’s a complicated project, you may want to break it down into more steps so it will be easier.

Rewards, of course, is where you can go to spend your hard-earned gold.  Seriously, if you didn’t have something to reward yourself with, then what’s the point?  Anyway, I have some choice things on there.


As you can see, I didn’t put vague things on my lists.  You have to be concrete.  Also, I didn’t put things on there that I already do, like “Do Dishes” as a habit.  I am good with doing my dishes every day, so I don’t need to track that aspect of my life.  I do need to track things I want to get better at, so that’s why I added so few to the habits.  As soon as they become habits, I think I might move them to  the “Dailies” section so I can still track them but they won’t be under “habits” because they already ARE habits.

I think this is for someone who is already somewhat disciplined with their time but needs some more motivation.  I wish we had something like this for work.  I would love to “level up” by doing X AFP grinds or cleaning X codes out of character for model.

I hope a mobile app comes soon because I want to track my food thing and the stairs thing and the parking thing on the go.  I’ve a bad habit of forgetting to log things.