Android App Series: SMSdroid

Texting apps.  There are a lot of them out there and some are good, some are great, and others are a huge pain in the butt.

I used my stock messaging app for awhile on my new Samsung phone but was not happy with it.  The text was too big and I couldn’t find a decent way to make it smaller, there were no options for what it looked like, and I just was not happy with it.

Enter my testing phase.  I tried Handcent, GOsms, and SMSdroid.

Handcent had ads on it that I had to pay for to remove.  It sent and received SMS just fine.  It seemed a little slow, however, and I thought the whole reason for SMS was quick test-based communication.  Also, it had a lot of customizations and I don’t necessarily need it along with the emoji.

I tried GOsms Pro.  I really wanted to like it.  It seemed to be ok, but was rather bloated in that it wanted to seemingly take over my phone and install itself as a chat app as well.  For the record I use Trillian and have no problems.  Anyway, after I got the 10th spam SMS from them, I decided to pay for it.  $5 and there were no usability improvements and the only thing I could really do were to take out the spam SMSes.  And if you wanted to get more themes for it, you had to go to the store and download them, as well as pay for most of them.  I already paid $5 for the app, I shouldn’t have to pay for more stuff to go in the app, nor should I have to deal with extras I don’t want.  So, I wasted my $5.  Someone else might want that functionality, but I don’t need it.

I tried Chomp SMS and they had annoying ads along the bottom.  I was displeased, especially when the ads were flashing.  Ahem.  Of course you can buy it for $2 but I wasn’t into also having to install the themes separately inside the app.  This was no different from GO, except it didn’t send me any spam texts.

Enter SMSdroid.  I installed this and noticed there were ads in it.  I was a little grumpy but figured I would try it out.  I found that it worked gloriously and was quick on the SMS send and receive, and the ads were text only, unlike the others.  I’ve decided to use this program after paying for a donation to the developer.  Also, this is the only app that’s open source and has it’s code hosted on github.  That in itself is cool, so I’ve decided to support this developer.  It’s a simple app that just works and has some simple theming.  More than the stock app and less than something like GO or other apps.  It’s a great app that does what it says on the tin.

If I get sick of SMSDroid, I might go back to Handcent if I need more theming options.  I’ll for sure have to pay to get rid of the ads; that’s annoying.