Android App Series: Moon+ Reader

When I bought my Nexus 7, I figured I’d use it mostly as a reading device.  And sure enough, that is what I use it the most for.

Pocket notwithstanding, I like to read ebooks.  I needed to find an ebook reader that would be suitable.  I don’t mind google’s ebook reader but there didn’t seem to be a a way to import your books into the program, and I like to read a lot of Project Gutenberg stuff as well as things from Storybundle, so that was high on my list.  I tried several ebook readers (including the Nook app) but didn’t find something I liked till I gave Moon+ a shot.

I was wow-ed immediately.

I loved the different reading color “skins” and the text changer and everything else.  Moon+ was the first app I ever bought for any android device.

It’s pretty simple:  You load your books into it (and there’s a Dropbox integration, which I have to try yet), pick what you want to read (you can filter by author, series, etc) and then start reading.  Swipe from your right bezel to flip the page forward; to flip back, swipe from the left.

It’s simple and I got it for something like $4.  It might still be half off on the google play store, but I highly recommend it for reading books you’ve downloaded.

5/5 penguins for the fact that it can be as simple or as complex as you want it and it’s array of options.  Also, it’s a rock solid app and doesn’t crash or crash my device.