Ubuntu 12.04, Precise Pangolian

I’ve been using the newest long-term support (LTS) release of Ubuntu for awhile now, and I have some thoughts on it.

First, let me say that this release installed very easily to my new desktop.  I had no problems initially with the setup and Ubuntu detected everything.  Considering that I don’t have anything really proprietary on my desktop, everything should be detected without a problem.

I’ve been using it on this machine for a little less than a month.  The sound is solid, the HDMI off the motherboard works (including the integrated graphics).

Unity is amazing.  I’ve been trying out different programs; it’s interesting to see which programs have taken advantage of the Unity quicklists and which haven’t.

Now, onto my problems!

I really only have one problem and that’s a doozy of one:  A complete system crash caused by the shared RAM for graphics on my Ivy Bridge CPU.  It brings the computer to a complete standstill.  I have no keyboard, mouse, or anything, and the only way to fix it is to press the reset button or do a hard shutdown.  It happens randomly as well, so I don’t know what causes it, really.

BUT, it is fixed!

I enabled the “proposed” repository, and I’m running the newest kernel.  That seems to have fixed the problem, and I’m pleased that I can have the machine up and running for hours and not worry about it quitting on me.

Interested parties can find the computers “stats” here as well as some pictures and a desktop screenshot.

I’ve got all my programs I like installed, and even fixed a problem with Banshee.  There was some issue with my databases, and it was causing errors that made the program segfault when I was importing a CD or pulling in new music.  So, I deleted the corresponding dot files and folders, and restarted Banshee and I was in business!  Importing a CD caused no problems, and reimporting my music caused no problems.  We’ll see if it continues to work. I hope so.

I’d rate this release at a 4/5 penguins.  If they’d caught the Ivy Bridge error, I’d give it 5 penguins.