Life Update

I have sadly neglected this blog since I transferred it over here from Posterous.  For that, I apologize.

What is up in my life?  Well, let me make a list:

  • I’m still working at Chrysler.  I still love it.
  • I bought a new TV.  It is awesome.
  • I bought a PS3.  It is awesome as well.
  • My car is getting closer to being paid off.
  • I bought Skyrim.
  • I went to Portland and their Shrine Hospital.  I had an awesome time and met some uber cool people from Tumblr.
  • I bought a Macbook Air in Portland.
  • Consequently, my debit card got a hold on it.
  • I took care of this via the phone at the Atlanta airport.
  • I got home from Portland.
  • I slept over 12 hours and missed most of Sunday morning.
  • I drove back down here to be at work tomorrow.

Wow, what a list!

Review of some of those things will be forthcoming (the Portland trip and my Air).

The TV is awesome in general; it’s large without being too large.

Well… that’s it for now.  I have some things to write about the Air and my Portland trip, but I’ll tackle those when I’m not as tired.