Smoke shop haul

Now, I’m not a huge fan of smoking in general, but I’ve found that I love the contemplation of a good small cigar.  I’ve been smoking them since last Thanksgiving, and it’s been worth it.  I think I’ve had… seven since then?  Or something like that.  It’s a once every couple of weeks’ thing for me.  Like my brother says, “I want a hobby, not an addiction”.

So.  I went to the local smoke shop near my apartment, and holy whoa, do they have a lot of stuff.  What I got:

  • A box of five Moontrance flavored small cigars (larger than the Macanudo minis I had before, which were my first cigars)
  • An Acid Blondie single that my brother talked me into.
  • A Zippo lighter that has a seahorse on it.  I didn’t see any with a penguin on it in the case.
  • Some Zippo fluid.
  • A cigar for my brother (he took it with him)

And… a bit more than sixty dollars later, I’m out the door.  BUT, in my defense, the Zippo was $30 and it should last me forever.  My brother has our Dad’s with “Don” engraved on the back and a square and compass on the front.

How about a quick picture?


Up top you can see the Zippo, the Blondie in the middle, and the box of Moontrance underneath.

I just had a moontrance, and let me tell you, whoa.  I need a cutter (my pocketknife worked, sort of) but this cigar has a lovely flavor with vanilla and fruit.  I never thought I’d say tobacco was tasty, but this is.

It starts off cool like all cigars do and you can taste the vanilla really well, and as you smoke it, the flavors get “hotter” because the smoke is hotter.  You don’t pull it into your lungs like you do with cigarettes, and that is the “draw” (haha!) for me.

I’ve found that the Zippo lights better than the crappy 7-11 lighter I have.

So yeah.  I probably won’t have another for awhile, but this is a good and different thing to do every once in awhile.