JetPens Order!

Some of you follow on Tumblr, and you’ll know this already…

I’ve finally broken down and bought a fountain pen.  A proper Lamy Al-Star.

I’ve never spent this much on one pen before.  How about a picture?


Lamy Al-Star fountain pen.

It was $37.50.  Like I said, I’ve never spent this much on one pen before.  I’m thinking it will improve my handwriting, because I really need to do something about it.  It’s actually gotten worse since I’ve gotten out of school.  I hope to use it at work and such (it will go back home every day; that’s what the second item is for) and also take it with me if I’m going to be writing longhand.  I think if I write longhand more, it’ll be better.  Or something.  Maybe it’s an illusion.  I don’t know.


Nomadic Snap Pencil Case

This is the pencil case I bought.  It looks pretty cool, and I think it’ll hold what I need it to.  My backpack has some pockets to hold stuff, but I’m not happy with the way my stuff floats around in it (my MP3 player is casualty to this, and I’m afraid something might happen to it).  I’ll be able to carry pens and pencils back and forth to work and not worry about them getting crushed or broken in this case.

I’m also looking at a Fisher Space Pen, but that might be for another month.