A Recap of 2011 and What I Wish for 2012

Oh boy.  What a year!  And, I’ll create a list of everything I’ve done this year…

  • Served lunch/dinner at two successful Shrine Circuses in January and Febuary.
  • Installed as Queen of Makere Temple No 99 in March.
  • Had a successful GoEx for OES in May.
  • Had a Nile Ceremonial in May.
  • Went to my THIRD Supreme Session in June.  Met so many cool people and added them all to Facebook.
  • Nile Picnic in July!
  • Turned 30.
  • Successful Supreme Queen Visit in August.
  • Interviews in May, August, and September.
  • Second interview with Chrysler in September.
  • JOB OFFER IN SEPTEMBER!!!! (RGBSI at Chrysler.)
  • Alpena Nile Visit first weekend of October.
  • Moved to hotel in Auburn Hills in October.
  • Went to first CHC in October (haven’t been back because I’ve been busy).
  • Thanksgiving.
  • MOVED to new apartment same weekend as Thanksgiving.
  • Power went out the following week.  :-(
  • Power restored after two days; Cable and internet installed week following.
  • Work.
  • Work.
  • Work.
  • Christmas.
  • Happy New Year!!!

I go back to work on the third.  I’m looking forward to it.  :)  I’ve met so many cool people at work and on the internet, I really can’t complain.

What I wish for 2012:

  • To keep my job.  This might not sound like a lot, but shit.  I’ve worked my ass off for various places and they usually dump me after I’ve done a decent job and hit all their rÄ«diculus deadlines and stretched myself.
  • Keep on keepin’ on.
  • Create something for NaNoWriMo in November.
  • Finish my Holmes fanfic.
  • Watch more films.
  • Read.
  • Read.
  • Read.
  • Work.
  • Write.

That’s pretty much it.  Simple list, huh?