Computer Comparisons…

I’ve been looking at computers again.

This is a bad idea, as I find all kinds of stuff that’s awesome.

So yeah.

Lenovo is having a sale on their Thinkpads right now, and I’ve seen Thinkpads and I’m enamoured with them right now.  They look functional and simple and can hide a bunch of power inside.  The only bad thing?  I have to buy it with a bloody Windows license.

System 76 has a great desktop machine that I’m looking at, but their smallest laptop is 14″ and that’s a little big for a secondary couch-surfing system.  I just want something about 12″ that will run Ubuntu and is (preferably) under $600.  It has to be portable and it has to fit in a bag and be easy to carry around to coffee shops and easy to take home for a weekend.  Also, battery life.  Please be more than 4 hours on a charge…

I think I’ve got a pipe dream here.  ZaReason has an awesome laptop that’s 13″ and has a lot of the things I want, but it’s closer to $800.

I don’t know exactly what to do, but I’ll figure something out.  I’m not planning on pulling the trigger on any of these systems til well after the new year… closer to March maybe.  

You might be asking what I’m looking for in a desktop…  Well, here we go:

  • At least an i5 processor.
  • 6-8 gb of RAM.
  • 500+ gb hard drive.
  • nVidia card… 1 gb thing that’s on S76.  I don’t know what it’s called.
  • Decent cooling.
  • Low power usage.

Same with a laptop:

  • Battery life; at least 4-8 hours worth.
  • 12″ screen is optimal; I’ll go to 13″ or 11″ if I have to.
  • Decent keyboard.
  • 2-4 gb of RAM.
  • 100+ GB hard drive.
  • i3 processor (or equilivent).
  • 3 USB ports.

Both of the machines MUST be able to run Ubuntu with MINIMUM of fuss.  If I have to fight with it, I don’t want any part of dealing with it.  The desktop must run Windows 7 as a secondary OS with minimum of fuss.

I just want my stuff to work without a problem.  An OS shouldn’t get in my way of what I want to do, and both Ubuntu and Windows 7 are at those points.

Maybe I’m picky.  Who knows.

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