A post about my work bag.

And all of the stuff in it.  The only reason I have such a bag is so that I can carry the stuff I need to meetings and to the IT building (across the street).  This is a Swiss Gear laptop backpack with a special laptop compartment.  This thing is huge!

This is what’s in the bag.  Please click on the gallery to see all the details.  I keep my purse (the small black bag) in the backpack because I can just take it out if we go out for lunch and I won’t have to fill my pockets with all my stuff.  I’ve got, from the bottom left:

  • My quad-rule steno pad and my work badge
  • Keys
  • Purse
  • Sansa Sandisk 4 gb + 2 gb microsd card
  • Book that I’m reading (right now it’s The Great Gatsby); I hope to replace this with my Nook if I ever get it back from my brother!
  • 5-Star notebook that I’m supposed to be drafting NaNo stuff in.  I’m not.  Ooops.
  • Work laptop charger (no laptop as I don’t want to bring it home with me)
  • Hotel card (I can hardly wait til I get to my apartment!!)
  • Carmax chapstick
  • Watch
  • Pen (actually this pen is one that I keep at the hotel/home because I found that I needed to write things here.)
  • (Not shown) LG Optimus V Android Phone (with 8 gb microsd card); used to take photo

And this is the backpack.  I’ve decided that I love it.  There are plenty of pockets and I love the bottle carriers on the side.  I usually have a water bottle in one and a gatorade bottle in the other.

If I had a bike, I’d be riding it every day to work; I’d be able to tie my bike up closer to the door and not have to walk so far to my desk!