A BBQ and Two Beers

Yesterday we grilled.  This is not unusual.


Here’s the grill.  The fire caught quickly and burned pretty hot.  We put steak, burgers, hot dogs, and sweet corn on.  It was all delicious.

I had two beers.  Well, not at the same time, as they were different.  This is odd for me, because I usually only have one beer.  Very rarely do I have two unless I’m at a party or something and it’s offered to me.  But I digress.


This beer is called Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy.  It’s a wheat beer mixed with lemonade.  It’s kind of an acquired taste, but I loved it when it first passed my tongue.  It pours out cloudy and yellow into a beer glass, with a short foamy head that dissipates quickly.  It smells like lemonade with a bit of hoppy, beer-like goodness.  This beer is very drinkable and satisfying with a refreshing flavor.  It’s smooth, with no bite.  I prefer beer with no bite, hence why I don’t like IPAs.


Beer number two was Bell’s Oberon.  This is a wheat beer with hints of orange.  I think it’s brewed with orange peels.  Anyway, this pours out fizzy into a glass, and has a small head.  The taste is smooth and slightly sweet with those hints of orange.  This is a local Michigan beer, and it’s incredible.  This is a filtered wheat.  I generally prefer my wheats to be unfiltered, but this is an exception.

These two beers are probably my favorite beers in the world.  I could drink them every day if I wanted.  Both taste like summer, both are refreshing and taste and smell good.

I guess that’s my thing… beer has to not only taste good, but smell good for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I like German-style lagers and stouts and all of that stuff (except for IPA, please don’t serve it to me; there will be a rant about IPA on a future date).  But these two (and by association Blue Moon) say summer and early fall.  They’re delicious.  If you like beer, and can get these two, please try them.