Woodchucks Hard Cider, Summer Brew


Sorry for the relatively crappy picture; I don’t have a good background to deal with.

Anyway, let me present Woodchuck’s Summer Brew.  It’s a hard cider, light in color, and sweet, almost like a sweet and light summer wine.  It comes in the multi-pack that has 12 bottles, 4 vareties.  It’s 5% ABV, and is quite refreshing on a hot day, like today.

It pours out slightly fizzy into your standard beer glass, with no head at all.  The first taste is sweet and fresh, and reminds you of fresh-picked apples.  I think there are a variety of apples used in this cider.  It has a very smooth and drinkable taste, and has a very nice, slightly tart finish.

This is delicious.  Get the Woodchuck’s 12-pack and give this a try.  They’re addicting and so easy to drink!