Sixgun Productions: Fab on Google+

Some people have asked me to write down my thoughts on Google+ and explain why my post ratio on has dropped off a cliff lately, so with this post I’m trying to make sense of what I think happened, for the benefit of everyone. Keep in mind that this is purely my personal view and largely born out of the simple fact that, unlike other people, I can only really deal with one social network in my life — I rather use one service a lot than split my posts up between two or three of them, I guess that’s just the way my particular brain works.

As most people will probably be aware, I have been extremely active on several microblogging and social networking  services for years now. I started on Jaiku after Leo Laporte had mentioned that service on one of his shows and that is also where I first met Dan. Linux Outlaws was basically born on Jaiku and we picked up many fans there; I used to love that site. Then Jaiku was bought by Google which basically sealed its fate and it was killed by neglect. The site was still awesome and the community held together for a while, but in the fast moving world of the web, not improving anything about the service for over a year basically killed it. I played around with Twitter a bit but somehow neither the site itself nor the community ever fully grabbed me. In fact I still feel that there is no community on Twitter at all, it seems more like a load of people just pushing out posts and shouting at each other to me. With Facebook it was even worse, the whole thing started to actively annoy me very fast to a point where I actually closed down my account because I couldn’t stand it anymore; what I want most out of a social network is intelligent and funny conversations and instead of that, Facebook constantly bombarded me with inane games, quizzes and lots of bullshit. As neither Twitter nor Facebook was doing it for me, it is no wonder that I jumped on the moment the site opened to the public (and I mean that quite literally, as I am user #418 on the site). For the past three years, I have lived and breathed and I loved every minute of it — I’m still the human with the most posts on that site ever. Linux Outlaws went from a mediocre podcast to one of the biggest in its field with the help of and it’s community and we made many good friends on there. I’ve stayed at the houses of people I had only ever met through the service, in other countries, too. That is pretty amazing, if you think about it. So as you can clearly see, I still love and the people in its community very much. So what happened? Why have I spend the last few weeks almost exclusively on Google+?

Fab on Google+.

A very interesting read. I think Google+ is a great thing (and could possibly take over Facebook) BUT, I still prefer for my daily communication. Twitter is also loads of fun; I have met many people on twitter, and I don’t think I could leave.

Do read this and feel free to comment on the G+ thread linked at the bottom; I already have. I hope Fab stays on

We’ll see what happens with Google+. I like the federation with statusnet. Google+ seems very centralized, like Facebook, but that’s just me.