So, I booted into Windows7 yesterday to install TF2, and since I have the free Spotify account, I decided to evaluate it.

Holy damn.

This service is awesome.  I set up a playlist of all Classic Hollywood songs (Gene Kelly, Judy Garland, etc) and I love it.

I’m “this close” to buying 3 months of premium so I can evaluate it in Ubuntu.  I’d really prefer an unlimited account since I don’t have a mobile phone that plays Spotify.

It’s better than Pandora because I can search for what I want and get exactly what I want in the playlist.  For instance, on Pandora, I search for “Gene Kelly” and it plays everything but Gene Kelly.  I’d like some of his music mixed in with the Bing, Dino, and The Voice, please.

We’ll see.  I might get myself a gift sub to it.  I’m not keen on having a recurring subscription right now.