I Got a Free Spotify Account!!!

But I can’t use it.

Unless I’m willing to use Wine (I don’t want that cruft on my machine) and I can’t use the native Linux application.

I started it up today and got this error: “Use of this device is not enabled for your account”.

Exactly what the everloving fuck does that mean?  Well, it means that you have to buy a subscription to the service before you can use it.  It means I have to fork over money before I can figure out if this will have the music I want to listen to.  It means I have to buy something sight unseen (or rather, unheard) so I can test it out.

There are a bunch of Linux users on Get Satisfaction here that are expressing their frustration and downright anger that they can’t use something without paying for it.  Yes, yes, you can argue that you need to pay for the program and the service, but they offer a free tier that is supported by ads.  This is fine and I’d use it, but I want something that’s native to my desktop.

There are plenty of good programs and services that are worth paying for; I just want to test out Spotify before I pay for it… I want to see if it’ll work for my needs.

In the meantime, you can find me on Pandora and Last.fm.