Ubuntu 11.10 Says Goodbye to the ‘Me Menu’ | OMG! Ubuntu!


Please read the article at OMG!Ubuntu linked under the picture for details.

This is a great idea; it condenses down the top bar, and makes it easier to log into chat.

I also second getting rid of the “post to” section. Partly because I never saw a reason for it. I mean, I go right to gwibber and type my message there. Having too many places to type messages is confusing for users.

I don’t use it to set IM status, but it makes sense to set status from the messaging menu rather than the me menu.  I might actually use this to set status; I can see how it’d be handy when empathy is on a differnet desktop.

I also like the idea of hiding it. Some people don’t want the envelope there because it doesn’t fit with their workflow; they should be able to hide it without having to completely remove the message menu via the package manager.

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