More nVidia Fiddling

All right.

So, I’m sure everyone who reads this blog (or at least the ones I haven’t scared off yet) know I’ve been having issues with my nVidia drivers.  I was using the nouveau drivers, which is fine, but they have a bad “blocking” effect with embedded flash videos.  Also, I didn’t think I was getting full 3D acceleration.

When I ran the nVidia drivers, Xorg would peg my CPU between 10 minutes and 3 hours.  “top” would show xorg taking up all of my CPU; compiz wasn’t far behind.

I don’t understand why this is happening, but I just know that it is happening.

So, I was doing some searching on the Ubuntu Forums (which is hit-or-miss regarding issues) and found this thread.

I tried the commands in comment #19:

sudo apt-get remove –purge nvidia*
sudo apt-get install nvidia-current
sudo nvidia-settings

I saved the xorg, rebooted, added my external monitor, and configured it (along with the gamma).

I seem to have a working setup right now…  Let’s hope it holds for awhile.