The Sandisk Sansa Clip+

Sort of a review; I’ve been using the Clip+ for several weeks now, and I think it’s time for my thoughts.

This MP3 player is awesome.  It’s small and easy to fit in a pocket.  It doesn’t have album art (which is fine with me) and has a radio (which is a must for me).  It also recognizes my IDE3 tags, which my rather expensive Sony Walkman started refusing to do.

Oh, did I mention that this MP3 player was $50?  Fifty dollars for a player that matches/exceeds a $100 player.  Exceeds, because it has a MicroSD slot that allows me to increase the amount of music on it.  I got the 4gb model, and expanded it immediately with my 8gb MicroSD card.  Cool beans, considering I spent $20 on the SD card.

How about a picture?


Simple, straightforward buttons; fast startup; few animations; and great sound.  What more could anyone want?

Regarding the radio… if you simply must have a radio, this is a good option, but it depends on where you hold for reception.  I’ve found that if you hold it in your hand, reception is decent, but as soon as you put it in your pocket, the reception gets cut off.  Oh well, I use it for my own music most of the time anyway.

It has a clip built into the back, so you can easily hook it onto your belt/pocket/pants so you won’t lose it.  Very handy.  I haven’t seen any weakness in the clip so far, but I don’t play with it.

If you read the reviews on Best Buy, you’ll find that there are lots of “old” people who are rather technophobic having issue with this product.  Overall, this is a great little MP3 player, and most people will find it perfect for their needs.

I wanted something that plays music, and that’s what I got.  I’ll try to fix the Sony in due time, but this works right now, and I’m happy.