Music Management and Music Players

This is not about music, per se, but about music managers.

I run Banshee on Ubuntu.  It’s great and for the most part is pretty easy to use.  I love the playlist features, and the ability to create filters for my music (like having a playlist of everything minus my holiday music) and the queuing features.

I don’t like the fact that it doesn’t exactily have a good way to edit my tags or sync them to a database (CDDB or something).

I’ve actually tried to fix things with MusicBrainz Picard.  It worked a little bit.  I guess I’ll need to work with EasyTag or something to try to get things set.

Anyway, the whole reason for this grump-fest is because I’ve been trying to get my music to show up properly on my Walkman.  I’ve been working through most of my music, tried to clean things up, and am still having issues with most of it showing up under “UNKNOWN”.  Exactly like that, all caps and all.

It’s infuriating.  I even tried iTunes *shudder* on Windows.  Foobar2000 is awesome on Windows, but it doesn’t do anything related to tags.  It’s all folder-based, which is fine, but my idiot music player goes by tags.

This whole thing is so infuriating.  I’m about ready to go buy a Sansa Clip+.  It might actually work.

Does anyone have a solution?  Serously.  I don’t know why, but this kind of thing really bothers me.

3 thoughts on “Music Management and Music Players”

  1. Thank you. Actually, I’d say that it’s a good thing that it’s a known issue, because it might get fixed. I wish Sony would release new firmware to fix this problem.Amy

  2. I do not know about you, but my process is: Store all music in Artist/Album/Track directory structure; Fire up EasyTag for all new music files gathered; Use its scanner facility to wipe out all tags and set only Artist, Album, Track (From directory names and filenames – there’s useful template vars.). Now both are in sync.Oh and also, I ensure that I write ID3 tags of a version that my player supports. Not all support both versions.

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