(Slight) Ubuntu Woes, and CONKY!

So.  I was having loads of issues with my Ubuntu install.  It was acting up; slowing down, crashing on reboot (which I don’t understand), and some other randomness.  I did a reinstall, went through my software, and decided that I didn’t really need to run the daily of Gwibber, the beta of firefox, or the newest Banshee.

So, I stopped using those PPAs.  I still love PPAs, don’t get me wrong, but I guess I wanted stuff to just work and not crash.  Gwibber is finally at the point where it does what I need it to without being a huge memory suck.  I’m using a bunch of PPAs, but the software is not provided in Ubuntu (like the weather indicator I’m using).

I thought maybe some of my issues were related to the alpha/beta software I was running, but I guess it was from the holdover from the cruft I was carrying around from Maverick.  I grabbed all of my files (NOT my hidden files) from my /home, copied them to my external drive, then reinstalled.  I blew away my /home too, and then restored all my files and reinstalled all my software.

Well it seems like it’s fixed now.  No crashing, no slowdowns, and no unexpected shutdowns when I’m doing something else.

How about a screenshot?  Don’t mind if I do:


As you can see, I have conky running on the right.  Pretty sweet.

The conky file, if anyone wants it can be found here.  You’ll have to change the names of your drives and all that, but it’s pretty simple.  For the record, I grabbed the original from ebupof from deviantart here.  I did some modification, but it’s not all that different.

Back to two monitors, because I can’t seem to live with only one.  I’m spoiled.

The netbook got a conky setup too:


You can find the conkyrc here.  I’ve already done some changes; I moved it over to the left, but that’s easy enough to change.

Conky is fun to play around with.  Give it a shot.  I like messing with it, and since Ubuntu doesn’t have panel applets anymore, this seems to be the way to go.

5 thoughts on “(Slight) Ubuntu Woes, and CONKY!”

  1. That’s quite cool!Thanks, I appreciate that. I’ve got a dark background, but if I switch to a lighter background, all I have to do is switch the colors to black, right?Thanks for the link to the askubuntu question. I’ll look at it in the morning, as I’m tired.Amy

  2. Yep you just need to change the main colours for example: default_color blackdefault_outline_color whitedefault_shade_color dcdcdcI have uploaded my conky scripts to my Github repo if you wanted an ideas. The lua script gives the ‘top’ output some nicer formattting.https://github.com/cas–/Conky-Scripts

  3. That’s pretty sweet.You know, I should get a github for easier sharing of files (like conky scripts!). I’ve got public dropbox links right now, but gethub might work better.Amy

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