Updates, Fixes, and a Re-Install

… Or, how I fixed my issues by shutting up and reinstalling.

Yes, you heard right.

I reinstalled Ubuntu the other day (not bad; I was back on my feet in less than 3 hours, updates and everything included).

I have figured out what is causing my sudo GLib error: my fingerprint reader software.  It’s interfering with the way sudo works in the terminal.  Or something.  I’m not sure how to fix this, but it might be fixed in the next update from the Fingerprint GUI folks.  For awhile, sudo worked, but it wasn’t til I added the Fingerpring GUI PPA and installed it that my issues started.

My graphics card is still kind of acting up, but I think that’s a problem with the drivers, and not anything related to my setup.  I’ve installed and enabled the nouveau drivers, so that’s a temperary fix right now.

I do an audit of the software I’m running/using every time I reinstall, and I usually find that I don’t need half of it.  It’s something that should be done every couple of months.  It’s nice to get rid of programs that I’m not using, as well as PPAs.

Anyway, it’s working much better now.

I’m not sure why things always work better with a fresh install (even using the same /home, which is what I do), but they do.  I guess for every upgrade, I should do a fresh install.

So, I recommend you download the .iso, burn a CD or make a bootable USB drive, and give this a spin if you haven’t upgraded or installed yet.  See how it works, try out Unity, and find out of you like Uinty or not.  Me?  I’ve established that I like it.  It’s different, and I think I like that.  I used a dock/launcher anyway, so it wasn’t that hard for me to get used to the new way of doing things.

I still would like some more flexability to change the theme and move the launcher around, but that might be coming in the next version of Unity.

2 thoughts on “Updates, Fixes, and a Re-Install”

  1. Its a bold move to reinstall but good to know was worth it. I generally spend the time investigating and fixing the issues as I feel reinstalling is somehow losing the fight although it’s crossed my mind a few times now since upgrading to Natty. Its interesting to hear someone else giving Unity the thumbs up, I’m still not completely convinced but some of that is due to minimal dualview support and comparison to the excellent Docky.

  2. Well, I was having issues from the upgrade (or anyway, I attributed my issues to the upgrade) and I thought the easiest way to “fix” them.I spent plenty of time sending in bugs, “investigating” issues, and going through the general run-around. The issue was that I couldn’t attribute my problems to anything specific. Reinstalling gave me the ability to narrow down what the issue was and create better bug reports.I guess what I take away from this is to always reinstall for a beta release.Amy

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