Podcast Review: Good Game and Good Game Spawn Point

I’ll cover these two podcasts together because they both cover games and both have the same hosts.

I’ve been watching Good Game for a couple of years now.  I originally was looking for podcasts about Cricket from an Aussie perspective, but I browsed around and found this podcast, which is actually a regular show on Australian TV.

I look forward every week to the reviews of new games, gamer news, and other geeky fun that come out of putting two passionate people in a room and letting them review games.

This week, GG reviewed some 3DS launch titles.  I’m skeptical of the 3DS (partly because I can’t see manufactured 3D well), but I do enjoy the reviews of the launch games.

Anyway, this show/podcast has lots to love.  Games, geekiness, very cool hosts, and twitter interaction, what more could you want?  Really.

I love the way the hosts review the games, but they don’t seem to let personal biases come into play (and if they do, they will warn you that they don’t like that genre of game).  The balance is there, and clearly the hosts Bajo and Hex not only love games but understand them as well.

Good Game Spawn Point is “for younger gamers by gamers” and they clearly hit that with the games they review, but they don’t talk down to their audience.  This is the key, because so many shows for kids and games for kids really dumb things down.  Kids aren’t stupid; they may need something slightly simpler, but that’s no excuse for shipping a crappy game for younger gamers.  (It’s no excuse for crappy books for kids either, but that’s a rant for another day.)

I picked up watching this show because I was hoping they’d cover some different stuff than the adult show, and they do.  I was hoping for more DS stuff, and for the most part, it has lots of DS stuff.  Bajo and Hex cover plenty of games that I’d never have heard of if I didn’t start watching either of the two shows.

My favorite spot on both shows is the “Ask Good Game” feature.  I really like the questions they get and the way they’re answered.  Lots of fun, especially when they accuse DARREN of being a NOOB.

If you like video games, I highly recommend both of these podcasts.