Some Answers

I’ve had a couple of people ask me why I’m switching from to as my blogging host/software/state-of-mind, and I’d like to explain it here.

I wasn’t updating my old blog.  Like, at all.  I don’t know why, exactly.  It was a combination of WordPress being slow and/or clunky, my time being taken up with Tumblr (I love that blogging platform), and my own hangups with WordPress being so extensible and just large.

Posterous is smaller and has a different way of approaching the whole blogging thing.  I feel like I can post quicker things, as well as longer things here.  The editor takes up the whole screen, so I’m not distracted by shiny “change this and change that” sidebars.  There are no “plugins” and things I can add, so the content is top dog on my page.  I can “push” to other services (including wordpress, though I won’t be pushing there) easily, without having to set up a twitterfeed for them.

The editor is faster and easier for me to work with.  I haven’t tried the uploader, but it looks as though it’s easier to deal with than WordPress’.


The editor.  See how simple it is.

WordPress is great for a site where you need a lot of extensibility, plugins, and sidebar widgets.  Posterous doesn’t have all that, and I’m fine with it.  I have links to everything over in the sidebar, and since Posterous has added “pages” it’s really made wordpress “too large” for me.  One of the reasons I was keeping my wordpress active was because of it’s extensibility, but now that Posterous has matched (and exceeded, in some cases; like the bookmarklet) WordPress, I don’t really see why I need a behomoth of a blog host.

I’m still collecting some comments over there on my Unity post, but I’m hoping people will come to this blog and start commenting.  I’m making a clean break, and I’ve informed everyone about the change, through Twitter, Facebook,, and my blog itself.  I’ve decided that I’m not going to mirror anything.

I guess I’m looking for something that’s easier for me to manage (though WordPress is still pretty easy) and something that allows me to post via email.  I don’t do much email posting, but I might give it another go using Posterous.

Also, I think that I felt like I needed to have something profound to write in the WordPress blog.  Or something.  There was some sort of mental barrier to me sitting down and writing and making a posts.  I miss writing.  I miss creating content.  I miss creating technical stuff.

I’ve got some good ides for this incarnation of my blog; namely podcast reviews (one a week til I work through all the ones I watch and listen to), Ubuntu/Xubuntu reviews, and more software reviews.  I might also throw in a book review and album review or three.  And of course, my thoughts on Ubuntu, Linux, OpenSource and Free Software.

Relax and enjoy.  Pull up a chair and drink a cup of coffee.  Oh, and update your RSS feed readers too.  :)