So I deleted Windows – but why did I have it in the first place?

It’s an odd juxtaposition: I’m the editor of a site that revolves around Ubuntu and its ecosphere yet for the last year I’ve had Windows 7 happily nestled next to Ubuntu on my hard-drive.

Yesterday I finally purged myself of it after asking myself one question – what do I use it for? – and replying with the short answer of ‘Nothing’.

You had Windows probably because it was already installed when you purchased the computer. I have Windows installed because I’m trying to keep up on my Windows skills, and I play some games that aren’t available for Ubuntu, or run poorly in Wine (Sims2, I’m looking at you).

But overall, Ubuntu is perfect for me. I’m running Xubuntu, actually, on the netbook, and It’s perfect.

But, it is great that Ubuntu and Windows 7 can co-exist next to each other on a hard drive. I love the fact that I can have Ubuntu and Windows on the same machine and I don’t have to run separate machines for each.

EDIT: Forgot to add a link back to OMG!Ubuntu.  Please see the original article here.