Bag Musings

I’ve been meaning to put together a tech bag/urban assault bag/art bag for awhile now, and I found the perfect bag for it: a Swiss Gear small messenger bag. I can’t seem to find any pictures on the web for it, so I suspect that it’s a discontinued model, which is fine because I got it at Meijer for about $25.

This bag has padding in both of its sections, and the main compartment is expandable with a zipper to accommodate the extra room. I can easily carry my netbook, a regular book or my Nook, my sketchbook, and other things.

So, let’s see what I might carry for what applications.

Always Carried:

  • cell phone
  • pen
  • wallet
  • misc. bag (contains some meds, tissues, my dues cards for OES and Nile, chapstick, etc)
  • my version of the “hipster PDA”: a moleskine calendar and a moleskine small lined book, held together with the stretchy cord of the calendar
  • Walkman MP3 player
  • keys
  • book I’m reading

Art Bag:

  • sketchbook
  • pencils
  • pastel crayons
  • drawing ink pen
  • small canvases if they fit

Tech Bag:

  • netbook
  • usb key (holds some of my most important files)
  • charger for my netbook (if I’m going to be out or travelling)
  • Ubuntu LiveCD (for fixing other people’s computers; happens more than you think!)
  • moleskine cashier for notes, even though I use Tomboy Notes for most everything

Other Applications:

  • library bag, with Nook and library books
  • bag to hold my stuff for Nile; actually this will work; as it holds everything but the charitable giving notebook, but I can carry that in my hands

I don’t know. This bag is very versatile, and I’m hoping to use it for one of these applications. I’m almost keen on replacing my purse with it, but I feel that it’d be too heavy for regular purse use. Also, I have a tendency to load up my bags with too much stuff; this is why I carry a relatively small purse. If I didn’t have a small purse, I’d probably load it up with everything but the kitchen sink and have major back pain as a result.