Quick Review, Partition36’s “Inside the Beat”

I’ve been listening to Partition36‘s Inside the Beat on and off since I recieved it in the mail several weeks ago.

This album is great on many levels.  I’m no musician, but I guess I know good music when I hear it, and this is complex.  I like the way everything is layered.  Anyway, that’s the way things sound to me; the sound seems layered, one on top of the other, with a really nice build.  I’ll pick out a few of my favorite tracks to highlight…

The first track, Crystallis, is a nice introduction to the sound on the whole album.  While listening, if you close your eyes and relax, you’re almost taken away to a different place.  The beat can be sort of repetitive, but it is relaxing in a way.

The third track, Inside the Beat, is my favorite off of the CD.  I love how the song is about being inside the music and now nothing bad can happen when Partition36 is inside the beat.  The beat is almost like a safe house where the evils of the world can’t hurt anyone.  Also, it’s about concentration and working on something that you want to.  Great song, great message.

After track two and three being upbeat, Hirakatashi (track 4) is kind of relaxing and puts you in a neat trance.  I don’t know exactly how to describe it, but I really like it.

Cyberpunks (track 8) is my second favorite song.  Kind of political, and very relevant to today’s laws regarding the digital world.

The whole album is one of those that really flows together.  It’s almost like Partition36 created this to be a whole experience.  If you listen to each track on it’s own, they’re great.  If you listen to the whole album together and take it as a continuous piece of art, then it’s incredible.

For the record, Partition36 is the artist that got me into electronic music.  I wouldn’t think I’d like it, but I’ve listened to several different albums, and it’s a genre I’ve really gotten into recently.

This album can be downloaded via the website, or you can purchase the album.  I really recommend purchasing a physical CD.  The album art is great too.