Video Games, software, and content

Note: This is going to be a rambling, navel-gazy post talking about games I’ve been playing and the systems I play them on.  Feel free to skip, if you so desire.  Cut for obvious reasons.

I recently rediscovered my PSP.  The silly thing had to be charged (as it always does) but I was playing some FIFA soccer and Tony Hawk Project 8.  I forgot how fun this little device is, and I wish Sony would do more with it.  Unfortunately, the way the device is laid out, your hands can get really cramped if you’re playing for a long time.  Also, games take forever to load.  The UMD format is very slow.

I did a software update, and found a comics reader in the updates.  Pretty cool, so I started wandering around the PSN store for some free comics (there always free stuff to get you hooked).  I got a couple of the comics, queued them up to download, then started the download (which is slow, BTW).  Anyway, once they downloaded, I gave them a look.

Well, the comics reader is not easy to work with.  This would be better on an Android tablet or something.  Now I need to see if I can get the comics off of the device so I can read them on the computer.  For that, I’ll have to install the PSN store on Windows as I doubt the sotware works on Ubuntu.


I also rediscovered my DS.  Oh man, this is the device I love.  Great games and instant on; what gaming was meant to be.  It’s perfect for, uhm, taking to the bathroom with you.  And if you have something that has a bunch of mini-games (New Super Mario Bros., Brain Age) you can play mini games while you’re, uh, occupied.  Not that I do this… ok, well I do.

Anyway, after going through my games (no, I’m not restarting Animal Crossing; I get to a certian point and I don’t want to play it anymore), I found Myst.  I remember playing this game back in 1995 or so on a Windows 95 machine.  This was before we had or had heard of the internet, and we (my brother and I) kept a journal of what worked and what didn’t.  One of us was responsible for writing everything down and one of us for pointing and clicking.  We took turns back and forth for both roles.  I don’t know if we have that old notebook anywhere.  This was also the time of game guides, but once we were done, we didn’t need a game guide, as we had already written one!  It was fun and frustrating to play that game.  Wow, great memories.  Anyway, if I’m going to go back and work on Myst, I think I’d like to pull out a journal and work on it with the paper and pencil to draw out maps and whatnot.

Stuff like Scribblenauts and Professor Layton try to capture that, but there’s nothing like playing Myst for the first time.  It defined a genre.  I’ve played many other games similar to it, and the only games that match its fun and excitement are the sequels (noteably Riven).  I even read the books.  If that makes me a nerd, than so be it!  :)


The Wii is also a love for me, especially since it plays GameCube games. Wow, I have a bunch to play.  The only thing that’d be better is if it played PS1 games too.  I’ll have to see what’s been added to the Wii store recently.