Wytches Brew, getting it working…

I subscribe to the IndieGameMagazine RSS feed, and the other day, an offer came through for a free copy of Wytches Brew.  It looked pretty cool, so I gave it a download.

I was on Ubuntu at the time and it’s a Windows game.  I saved it to my Windows partition, and just got around to installing it.  Imagine my surprise when the game gave me an error about a .dll being missing!  The .dll in question was MSVCR71.dll.  It’s related to the fact that I’m on Windows 7 64-bit and the company doesn’t test on my configuration. 

They’re small, and that’s cool, especially since I got an email back from them a half hour after I sent my email with the issue.  They said that they were really sorry that the game didn’t work.  They suggested I put the .dll I downloaded into the game folder (C:/Program Files (x86)/Notsoft/WytchesBrew) and see if that worked.  It did!

I did a google search and found the .dll here at dll-files.com.  There are plenty of warnings associated with this, but the good news is that you don’t need to go and mess with your C:/Windows folder.

Grab the .dll, extract it, and then copy it over to your game folder.  Start the game, and the error is gone!

Amazing.  I’m really glad it worked.

I’m planning on doing a review of this game when I’ve had a chance to play it, but I wanted to get this little hack out there for others who are on Windows 7.

Enjoy it!

4 thoughts on “Wytches Brew, getting it working…”

  1. I stumbled upon this by accident but it’s nice to know that people occasionally read what I write :)

    Thankfully, I’m on XP but I’m glad that they tried to help and that you found a fix. Thanks for making that available.

    Curious to see what you think. It’s an interesting twist on the tried-and-tested match three style game.

    1. I just wrote a little review about the game; it should be above this post.

      Thank you for the kind words!

      I really like the game. It’s great and a neat spin on the match game.


    1. Sorry I totally missed your comment.

      You are probably right, but it threw a .dll error; threw ME for a loop. I haven’t had a .dll error since… Uh, maybe Win98? MAYBE WinXP if I was installing something goofy.


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