Nook Frozen Screen

I “short-blogged” about this on my Tumblr, but I think it’s worth rehashing here.

Yesterday morning, I tried to wake up my Nook by pressing the button on the top (like I always do) and it wouldn’t wake up.  Well, what had happened was that the battery had run out (I don’t remember when I tuned it on and left it on) because I’d been reading a lot on it recently (I just finished the Chicago Way; great book!).

Anyway, I did a google search and found this forum that had information on how to fix your ereader.  The particular post that helped me outlined the following:

If you think your screen on nook may be frozen, you may want to try these steps to reboot your nook:

First, try holding the power down for 10-15 seconds, and then pressing the power button again. If that doesn’t reboot your Nook, try:

1. Unplugging the nook.
2. Remove the battery (if you don’t know how, there are further instructions in the manual).
3. Plug the nook in, without the battery.

The Nook should begin to go through its booting process. Once booted, replace the battery (don’t turn the nook off or unplug).

This worked!  I was able to restart the Nook, and all my files were still there (very important).

I guess I shouldn’t forget to turn the thing off.  I didn’t check to see how much battery I had left the other night before I went to bed.  Ooops.

6 thoughts on “Nook Frozen Screen”

  1. Wow that’s a nice bug! hope they release an update to address that. My Android once it reaches 10% battery it will shut down. This can be modified in the kernel to be set to whatever you want, but at 3 volts with a lithium ion battery 10% is essentially flat!

    1. At least it can be fixed. I thought it was broken, at first and it made me really sad.

      Glad your Android shuts down at 10%. I wonder if I can hack the kernel on the Nook? It’s an Android tablet, essentially…


  2. I ran into this bug twice. Once I let the battery run down for a couple of days and the second time I accidentally charged my Nook on my Android phone charger and it didn’t go well. I would like to report that now that I am conscious of these issues I haven’t had any issues sense.

    I have seen that you can root the nook but only the first ones out. All latter versions will brick apparently.

    1. Glad you’re not having any issues. At first I was like, “did a break it?” but there had to be an explanation. I’m always really careful with my stuff.

      I’m certainly glad I have one of the first ones that came out. It’s too bad that you can’t root the more recent ones.

      The full-color one looks pretty sweet, but it’s more of a tablet than an ereader.


    1. That’s fine. The name kind of makes me laugh too. Nook e-reader, I wonder how they got that through all the checks and balances of the design process?

      Anyway, Glad I could make you laugh!!


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