Yes, Evernote.

This program/website is amazing.

Some background:

I’d tried this before, and I wasn’t pleased with it; I didn’t see what it would “give” me, and I wasn’t sure if I’d ever use it.  Cue me going through my old accounts and getting rid of stuff.  I deactivated the account, thinking I’d never use it again.  I was wrong.

I noticed there was a new plugin for Tomboy that I wanted to try out that would sync with Evernote.  I wanted to try it out, and to do that, I’d need an Evernote account.  Cue me trying to get my Evernote account back, chronicled here and here.  I got my account back, and tried to sync my notes through Tomboy.  Well, the plugin didn’t work for me, so I decided to try something else.

Enter NeverNote.  It’s a Java-based program that interfaces with Evernote, and works pretty well on both my laptop and my netbook.  I can also use the Google Chrome extension to interact with Evernote; it works great for clipping webpages that I want to store for research and the like.

I also wanted to try the Windows version of the program, and I can say that it’s amazing.  Much better than Tomboy under Windows.

Now, if you mostly do text notes (I do), Tomboy will still be great for you under Ubuntu.  It’s integrated with the desktop, which is great.  Until the plugin is completed, NeverNote is what I’ll be using on Ubuntu.

Now I just need a mini-Android tablet so I can take notes on the go and upload them when I hook up to wireless.

Amazing; why did I not use this before?