New App: Radio Tray

Well, not really new. Radio Tray has been around since September of this year, but it’s gone pretty far since then.

Basically, Radio Tray is a tray application that lets you listen to internet radio. Simple, and very easy to set up. I first installed the application from the Ubuntu Software Center, but I noticed there was a newer version in a .deb package that afforded categories for your music. I have categories for BBC, SomaFM, and

Drop down menu showing categories.

If you’re using Ubuntu, the installation is simple: download the .deb, double click, install, then start adding your radio stations. I’ve found it best to go to Shoutcast to get everything off of SomaFM and I recommend the Beebotron to get the direct links for the BBC radio feeds.

List of radio stations in the configure window.

I really like this app, partly because I’ve had awful luck with Rhythmbox and Banshee and internet radio. I either get everything or nothing with these apps, meaning I can get all of shoutcast (too much) or I have to add radio stations individually, which doesn’t always work well. It’s a finicky process, and Radio Tray handles it well.

Give it a shot. This is a great app that allows you to listen to internet radio without having your massive music player open and taking up a lot of computer cycles.