Tumblr vs. Posterous vs. Amplify

Another pitting of the blogging services.

I’m an avid Tumblr user. I love the service, since it’s relatively easy to post stuff to (links, videos, pictures, etc). I like that I can reblog cool content from Life, Newsweek, my friends, and other stuff that I find in my tracked tags. Oh, and I have tracked tags that I follow on Tumblr. Very awesome. I don’t see a way to follow tracked tags on either Posterous or Amplify.

Also, there’s an easy to find “Delete your account” link at the bottom of the Settings page. THIS is very important to me (yeah, I like to sign up for different stuff and try it out, so sue me).

Posterous currently seems to have no way to delete your account. This irks me, since it’s an overlap with Tumblr, and I’m now using Tumblr (better community and ease of use, IMHO). Oh, you can delete your blog, but you have to create another blog, make it your “main” blog, and then delete your other blog. *boggle* Why not have a “delete account” right in your settings? How hard is that?

Same with Amplify. I checked this out and was thinking about using it, but it’s essentially another Posterous with more commenting options and the ability to “clip” the web. Ok, that’s fine; you didn’t offer any ideas as to what your website did before I signed up, and now I can’t find a “delete account” button anywhere.

I guess my point is that a website should make it easy to sign up for a service, and it also should make it easy to delete your account if/when you decide the site doesn’t meet your needs anymore (or you wanted to test it, and it doesn’t work for what you do).

Websites should also make it easy to figure out what the service is before you sign up. Last.fm is easy to figure out, twitter is easy to figure out. Blogger, wordpress, identi.ca, etc are all easy to figure out. Amplify? Not so much. Posterous? Yes, but it’s very light on the community aspect of things.

There are some questions on Yahoo Answers and other question sites related to this. I hope the creators of these sites re-think the way they set up the sites and add a “delete account” link somewhere. It’s not acceptable to have to email someone to delete your account.

Just my little rant for a Friday evening.