Maverick Meerkat — Second Impressions


I’ve been using Maverick for a day or so now and ran some updates and I have a couple more things to add to my original thoughts.

Banshee has updated with the 1.8 version, and wow, it’s working much better. No support for audiobooks (as a seperate library) but I’ve added my audiobooks with a special playlist. All of those tracks are tagged "Audiobook" and all I had to do was create an automatic playlist that was for the audiobooks following that tag, and another automatic playlist that was everything but that tag. Pretty smart. Banshee has integration with the Sound Menu, but switching tracks doesn’t work yet. I’m sure it’s being worked on.

Oh, and I didn’t address the Plymouth issue in my last post. Eegads, it’s ugly. I can only hope that this is fixed upon full release. It has to do with the nVidia drivers.

Again, if all I have to complain about are cosmetic things and one program not working with something new in the distro, then that goes to show that Ubuntu Maverick is a solid operating system.

Go get it from here and try it out. Remember, it’s a release candidate, and there might be bugs, but you knew that.

7 thoughts on “Maverick Meerkat — Second Impressions”

  1. Hi Amy,

    I have to admit I’m not a huge fan of the Plymouth implementation especially on a server environment, I like to watch each service load to ensure there are no errors etc, to do this now (both for 10.04 & 10.10) requires me to interact to see this information. I know it one key press, but a server doesn’t need to look pretty, it needs to work!

    Also the onboard video device for my server had lots of trouble with displaying due to being an older S3 chipset. Again like you this is a cosmetic dislike, but one that many times has had me considering rebuilding my server back to Debian (my server started on Debian Etch)

    But hey we all have our likes/dislikes as I’ve complained many times on rather trivial issues…

    1. Plymouth is something that’s just cosmetic, yes, but I guess my gripe is that for such a pretty OS, there should be a pretty boot screen. I mean, Windows7 has a nice boot screen (animated and all) and the Plymouth screen for Ubuntu without nVidia drivers looks all kinds of awesome, but the Plymouth with nVidia drivers looks like a nightmare. Blech.

      Like I said in my post, if this is all we have to complain about, Ubuntu/Canonical is doing a good job.

  2. I’ve realise the reason for my earlier comments were being held, its when I include my web url, looks like there is a service or plugin that has the top level domain blacklisted, as I have the same trouble with Facebook… :-(

  3. Ha! yes well been long week with the wife been very ill etc… right the secret to my comments not being held is I haven’t filled out the option for adding my website, and they go through… I did a test on my blog and I get the same issue if I include my url, I’m guessing its akismet (think that’s how its spelt!)

    1. Wow, sorry about your wife. I hope she’ll be ok.

      The whole comment thing is no big deal. I think I added you to my whitelist. :-D You’re good now.


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