Xmarks is shutting down.

I literally just started using this extension and thought I was in heaven; bookmarks across ALL of my browsers?!? And why did I not use this before?

Well, anyway, I had to find something similar and I think I have. I’m using Google Sync and Firefox Sync. Now, they don’t cross-sync, but I can import bookmarks from Chromium to Firefox and sync from there (since Chromium is my main browser on Ubuntu and Chrome is on Windows).

I tried to give LastPass a shot, but it didn’t really work for me. Granted, it was cross-browser and platform, but I’ve had difficulty setting it up. Anyway, I’m going to go with this Google Sync and Firefox Sync option. It’s not ideal, but better than nothing, right? I’ve outgrown Delicious bookmarks, because tags aren’t cutting it. Searching is a hassle, organization is a hassle, and it just doesn’t work for me right now. I might wipe everything out of my delicious account and restart and reassign tags (OMG, that will take so long) but I’m not sure.

We’ll see if a new Xmarks-like service starts up in the future. If so, I’ll be trying it out, for sure.

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  1. What a shame. I’m using 6 browsers right now (Firefox, Opera, and SeaMonkey, along with Safari, Chrome, and IE) and wasn’t aware of Xmarks. Sounds like an excellent service; much better than exporting and importing endlessly.

    Luckily, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera do have their own sync, but a cross-browser service would be great. Hope another one comes along. Don’t see M$ or Apple implementing one, either.

    1. I doubt Microsoft or Apple will implement one, unless MS does with their Live services. Apple could with their iLife or whatever it’s called that you get for $99 a year when you get a new Mac.

      Chromium is my main browser, so I’m going to be saving stuff here, syncing with other Chrome/ium browsers, and exporting to Firefox occasionally to sync that way.

      Timothy below suggested Google Bookmarks, which I looked into before, but I’ll look at again.

      There’s also Delicious, but it’s not optimal.


    1. I have google bookmarks; I thought Google was discontinuing the service, because it was part of the Google Notebooks project or something.

      Anyway, it’s an interesting option to keep my bookmarks synced between computers and browsers. Thank you.


  2. This was the saddest news I’ve heard yesterday. I’ve been using xmarks quite a lot and there is no other service that can replace it.

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