Trillian 5

Trillian has a new beta version that’s come out and I’m using it.


Trillian 5

Trillian 5 is slick, fast, and looks like it belongs in Windows 7.

One of the best things is that you can dock it to either side of your desktop; since I have two screens, I can dock it along the left side of the second monitor with tweetdeck running next to it.

Trillian has improved significantly since version 2.0, when I was using it regularly in school.  The speed has improved, the look has improved (I’m a fan of the way it looks like it belongs in Windows), and just everything about it is better in some way.

It’s almost as good as Pidgin.  The only way it’d be better would be if it was open-source.  Also, I sprung for the Pro version; since I’ve paid for the Pro version before, upgrades are only $10.  Granted, the price has gone down from $25, which is what I paid originally, and I thought it was a decent deal because I used it every day.

I don’t use it every day any more, but I do use it when I’m in Windows (twice a week or so).

Get the free version and try it out.  There aren’t as many plugins for the free version, but all the basics are there (AIM, ICQ, IRC, Yahoo, jabber).