New Battery and Hard Drive

I ordered a new battery for my Starling netbook. I’m happy to report that it’s installed correctly and it’s charged perfectly. This is awesome, as I’m going to Battle Creek tomorrow and I can have some sweet mobile computing action! Whoohoo!

I ordered a new hard drive from Newegg. This hard drive is to replace my 320 gb drive that died as written up here. I’m planning on partitioning it as thus: 100 gb for Win7, 50 gb for /, 4-8 gb for swap, and the rest for /home.

That’ll probably take a whole day to get set… Install drive, install OSes, grab files, install software. Ugh. This is why I hate having to redo my systems; I have to remember what I have on there and what I need so I can replicate what I have.

The new drive should arrive Thursday or so.