Netbook Adventures

In an effort to fix my charging issue, I’ve upgraded to Maverick Meerkat on the netbook.

Well, it’s not going so well. The interface, while slick and nicely laid out, is slow. Very slow. It seems like my computer is trying to run a crazy heavy program or something, and all I was running was Chromium and the software center. *sigh* I’m sure everything will be ironed out by the time Maverick drops in October.

The new kernel didn’t fix my charging issue, but I have ordered a new battery. It should be shipped soon (tomorrow, I presume) and I should receive it by the end of the week.

In the meantime, I’m going to reinstall Lucid UNE. I really ought to test the battery charging in Lucid and not Maverick, as I don’t want to introduce more variables to my experiments.

I’ll keep this updated as to the progress of my charging issue. I did check the battery and Ubuntu was saying that my battery only had 83% capacity. Is that normal for a year old battery? The laptop’s battery is holding strong at about 96%. Maybe the battery in the Starling just shipped with a bad battery originally… But I wished it’d presented itself in June when I still had a warranty on it.

Oh well. I hope this all irons out.