Podcasts and Podcast Software

I listen to a bunch of podcasts; thirty-two to be exact.

You can find them here if you want to see a whole list.

Some update more frequently than others, and you’ll see my notes on status.net related to what I’m listening to through the !Listening group on identi.ca.

You’ll notice if you go to the gpodder.org link above, that I listen to a lot of tech podcasts (GeekSpeak, LinuxOutlaws, Ubuntu Podcast, Diggnation, Linux Journal, LoCoCast), music podcasts (Canada Live, Liverpool Acoustic Spotlight, All Songs Considered, World Cafe Words and Music, World Cafe Next, The Clockwork Caberet, Rathole Radio, Triple J TV, TheCerebralRift, All Songs Considered Live Concerts, Hype Machine), humor (Car Talk, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, Vinyl Cafe, Life as a Comic, Dilbert, The Gloomers), science (Discovery Channel, TedTalks), gaming (Good Game, Good Game SP), and a general TV show (East of Everything).

I love podcasts because I can listen to shows when I want and how I want (on the computer or on my mobile device/mp3 player) and I can listen to shows from other countries (like the Canadian shows, the Australian shows, and shows from the UK). It’s a great way to get information that regular radio doesn’t cover. I listen to NPR a lot, but my local station doesn’t play GeekSpeak or have much in the way of computer shows. I get my "fix" through these podcasts.

Now on to software…

  • iTunes: Available for Mac and Windows, but seems to be a memory hog on Windows. I don’t use this software, as I prefer different podcast catchers, and I run Ubuntu.
  • Rhythmbox: Gnome’s kitchen-sink media player. I’ve used it for podcasts, but things get all mixed up in my regular music. I just use it for my music.
  • Amarok: I don’t use this personally. It’s KDE’s kitchen-sink medial player. I know there are peole who use Amarok for podcasting, but I’m not sure how well it works.
  • Mirro: I used Miro for a very long time, and loved it. It’s like a podcast catcher/listener/watcher and browser, as it has the ability to find podcasts you’re interested in, especially if you have a Miro account. You can rate podcasts, and you can also use Miro as a bittorrent catcher. It’s almost like an all-in-one computer-based TV solution. Great project.
  • gPodder: A great podcast catcher. This program works with the my.gpodder.org website and allows you to share what podcasts you’re listening to.

I use gPodder now as my main podcast catcher. I still have Miro, but I really like gPodder and how it stays out of my way.

Do check out what I’m listening to and post what you listen to in the comments. Podcast sharing is the best way to discover new ones.

3 thoughts on “Podcasts and Podcast Software”

  1. What I’m actively listening to in podcasting right now:

    NPR: Car Talk; Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me; On The Media; This American Life; A Prairie Home Companion’s News From Lake Wobegon; RadioLab

    From qdnow.com: The Public Speaker; Math Dude; Get-It-Done Guy; Grammar Girl (the original qdnow podcast); Legal Lad; Modern Manners Guy; House Call Doctor

    What I wish I had the time to listen to but don’t yet: NPR’s Planet Money; The Moth

    1. A Prairie Home Companion gets played twice in my market, once on Saturday night and once on Sunday afternoon, so I don’t podcast that one. I’m not by the radio for Wait Wait, so that’s why I podcast it.

      Those look good. “The Moth”? Is that a radio show?

      I think you’d like to listen to Linux Outlaws (not really family friendly due to language). Great podcast.

      I’ll have to check those out. Thanks!!


  2. [opens up podcast list…]

    This American Life <- Because I'm "hip"
    As it Happens
    Nature Podcast (from the Sci Journal)
    Fresh Air <- I wish I could interview like this
    Wait wait don't tell me <- it's funny
    Car talk
    Radiolab <- Awesome
    hacker medley <- Awesome, but rare
    search engine <- Awesome
    starship sofa <- great scifi stories
    Escape Pod <- more scifi stories. More to the point.
    drabblecast <- just started this one, quite unique.
    RatholeRadio <- ~good~ Free Culture is hard to find
    Linux Outlaws
    Ubuntu UK Podcast
    The Command Line Podcast <- has little to do with Bash
    The Sound of Young America
    Wiretap <- good if you like 'This American Life'
    On the Media <- Great analysis
    PRI's The World
    Studio 360

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