The New Flock

I’m trying the new Flock Beta on Windows 7.

All I can say is, “wow”.

Flock is now based on Google’s Chomium project, which affords increased speeds from Mozilla’s Firefox project.  Both projects are open-source, so this can be done without violating any terms of service.

How about a screenshot?


The layout of the homepage is quite simple, with some most visited links, a Google search, tabs up top, and some links to my profile and whatnot.  I quite like the setup.  As you can see, I’ve added Instapaper, Shareaholic, Stumbleupon, and Adthwart extensions to Flock; makes my life easier.

The sidebar has been revamped, as you can see in the next screenshot…


I’m having an issue with Facebook signing in right now, so I don’t have Facebook enabled in the sidebar at this time, but once I get it fixed, I’ll be sure to report on how it works.

The biggest difference from the old flock to the new (besides the UI change) is the fact that it’s based on Google Chromium and webkit instead of Mozilla Firefox and Gecko.  This makes the browser BLAZING fast.  If you’ve used Chrome or Chromium, then you know the speed I’m talking about.  The Flock team has just built onto the Chromium project to make their browser, similar to how they built onto the Firefox browser to make the old version.

Besides the issue with Facebook, the other issue I have with this browser is that it’s only available for Windows (XP, Vista, and 7).  It isn’t available in Linux or Mac right now, and I think that’s a darn shame, as many creative people are on Mac and Linux.  I’m hoping they will release an easy-to-install version for both platforms soon.  I’ve expressed my displeasure on Tumblr as well as marked a couple of threads on getsatisfaction about the issue.  I think the devs are taking this problem and packaging Flock for those OSes.  Anyway, I hope they are.

EDIT:  Here’s a video from the Flock site that explains the new Flock.  Please watch and pass it on.

3 thoughts on “The New Flock”

  1. Thanks for the article. I had not seen Flock.

    At first glimpse, I thought you were going to say W7 was okay, because if not a MAC at home, we need to upgrade to something new.

    1. W7 is ok. It does what it needs to do, I just prefer Ubuntu. :)

      It’s unfortunate that Flock is only for Windows right now. I mean, how hard would it be to package for Mac and Linux? Not hard at all, considering that they did with the old version. I mean, probably a month. I’ve waited a year for the new Beta version, so another month is no big deal.


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