Ubuntu Netbook Remix: Lucid Lynx

I’ve recently reinstalled Ubuntu on my netbook.  I went with the netbook remix because the full desktop seemed sluggish.

The updated netbook remix is very speedy and I’m quite happy with it. It comes with many of the same programs that standard Ubuntu comes with. It comes with OpenOffice, which I don’t feel is an appropriate addition to UNR; the devs should think about adding AbiWord and Gnumeric and removing OpenOffice.  I removed the whole OpenOffice suite and added AbiWord and Gnumeric.  I also did a install of Dropbox (yes, I know UbuntuOne is standard, but my Dropbox allows me to share with Windows as well, and also I’ve increased to almost 3gb through referrals) and Chromium.

Above, you can see the standard “Favorites” screen.  Not much has changed from Karmic, but it seems like the UNR team has done some updates with software (removing Gimp and the like) and increasing speed and startup time.  My nebook starts very quickly.

I mentioned Chromium above; here is a screenshot of it on UNR:

Simple, clean, fast.  It’s Chromium.

Gwibber is also standard with UNR.  I love this program, and I’m using the standard version (not the dev version) on my netbook.  Screenshot:

Not much has changed in gwibber since the new UI debuted.  I still think it’s a brilliant program and it’s great to keep up with what’s going on with twitter, status.net, facebook, and others.


This release of Ubuntu Netbook Remix is the best so far.  I think the team should replace Firefox with Chromium and OpenOffice with AbiWord and Gnumeric.  These changes would make UNR better and lighter, in my opinion.

We will see how long I keep this around; as my main beef with UNR is the fact that they only have one workspace.  I like to separate my tasks out by different workspaces, but a netbook is for internet use, not major work.

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