Ubuntu Lucid

I’ve upgraded to Ubuntu Lucid on both of my computers.

I’m still rocking the Starling and the Pangolian from System76 and it runs well on both.

I’m running Docky as my lower panel/dock, Gwibber (Pino on the netbook) for my status.net/twitter/facebook needs, Flock, Tomboy, and Pidgin.

Lucid desktop with Docky.

I’m using the Ambience theme with the moved close/max/min buttons.  I wasn’t sure I’d like them, but I think I do.  It’s different and I’ve gotten used to them.

Let’s see… what I like:

  • The colors.  Wow, purple and black really suit Ubuntu.  I really like the rebranding.
  • Gwibber is now “the” microblogging client for Ubuntu.  It’s neat to see a project/program start up then get accepted to a major Linux distro.
  • The new icons.  I can’t stress enough how nice they look.  Wow.
  • Bootup time is relatively quick.  I don’t see a major change from Karmic.
  • The indicator applets are great.  Once you get used to having them, it’s difficult to go back to the old way.
  • Speed, speed, speed!  I see faster application opening under Lucid than under Karmic.  Might just be my imagination though…

What don’t I like:

  • The spacing of said indicator applets.  They could be closer together up there to save room.  I don’t see a huge issue here on my laptop, but on the netbook where there’s limited space, it’s a problem.
  • I don’t have immediate change on my power applet when I plug in or unplug.  This is minor, and as long as it detects soon enough, I’m happy.
  • Empathy.  No metacontacts.  I’d use Empathy if it had metacontacts; it’s really something I need.  This is more of a problem with Empathy, not Ubuntu Lucid, though the program is default for chat.
  • The popups are still “down”.  I’d prefer if they were right under the clock, but you can’t always have what you want… Maybe just an option in gconf-editor for them to be moved around?  That’d be great.
  • Some applications crash.  It really doesn’t seem to affect the application though, as they start right up after I dismiss the “X has crashed” window.  Strange.

Anyway, this version of Ubuntu is shaping up to be a really great release.  I’m hoping it’s really successful, especially for a LTS release.

The Ubuntu team has done some really nice work with this release.

Oh, my normal disclaimer… this is a beta release, and as such should be regarded as crashy.  Install/update at your own risk.

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4 thoughts on “Ubuntu Lucid”

  1. The Ubuntu people are jumping high with this one. I am running three instances of it, Hardy, Karmic and Lucid, and it is amazing to see the changes since Breezy.

    1. Wow, 3 instances! You’re hard core! I just run Lucid. I’m kind of taking a risk with Lucid on both laptop and netbook, but I do have Win7 to fall back on the laptop.


  2. On my Gazelle Ultra, I might do a rebuild, if installing it hasn’t fixed the VPN problem. It’s good someone isn’t frightened of upgrades. I’m not sure what to do on my work system.

    1. I try to embrace upgrades. Most are good for your system. It’s usually a good idea to proceed with caution; I always try to remember to back up everything to my external hard drive before starting.

      I’m not sure about the VPN problem, but I did a reinstall with my Starling, and I have no wireless. It was working in the standard edition, but I installed the Netbook Edition (wanted to see how it improved) and now no wireless. I’m going to see what develops in the system76 subforum on the forums before I panic.

      I hope your upgrade is successful. Good luck, and feel free to send a note on twitter when it’s working! :)


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