I’ve been looking at e-readers for e-books.

I have a bunch of e-books that I’ve gotten off of Project Gutenberg and I’m not reading them.  Why?  Because reading on a computer screen is a pain in the butt for too long.

Yes, I know, I spend WAY too much time in front of the screen but I’d like to get away from the computer every once in awhile and opt for an e-ink screen.  I still read traditional books (I’m still in the middle of one I started awhile ago) and I love love love magazines.  I’d sub to more magazines if I could get them in digital form, I think, because, what the heck do you do with the mag when you’re done with it?

Anyway, I think this would be a neat thing to try out.

I’ve looked at the Kindle, the Sony e-readers, the Nook by Barnes and Noble, and a couple others made by other manufacturers.

The Kindle looks sweet.  I don’t know if I’m cool with the keyboard on the front of it.  It looks like a very nice gadget, but I can’t play with it or look at it before I buy.  And a picture on Amazon doesn’t count.

The Sony e-reader is massively expensive for the one I’d want (about $50 more than the Kindle or Nook).  The one that’s in my price range ($200) is much smaller than the Nook or Kindle, and has fewer features.

The other brands seemed very expensive with fewer options.

This brings me to the Nook.  There were a few bad reviews of this device saying it was slow, and that it had some quirks.  What really sells this reader to me is that I can play with it in the store (I did this the other day), that it has wifi and 3G connectivity, that it works automatically with Barnes and Noble (my local book chain), and that it will work with the books I’ve downloaded.  I’m hoping that there will be some new reviews up soon with the updates in the software.  There’s supposed to be PDF support; this is important to me because I have some magazines (Linux Journal and BSD Magazine) that I’d like to read on this device; they are in PDF format.

I’m thinking that I’d actually read more with this thing.  We’ll see if I actually get it.  It’s *only* $259.  I have a good selection of books to read on it, and I can stick it in my purse/bag to read when I’m out.  This would come in VERY handy when I go to Indianapolis in June; I’d have something to read when I’m waiting for people and other things.

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